Friday 29 July 2011

Dolly gets the blues.......

OK so I told myself I wouldn't get much chance for blogging in the school holidays....but when theres not much chance of getting anything done and you end up making jelly baby heads for Lego figures and over explaining what the words 'personal space' mean (sound familiar?) then I guess no-ones going to mind if I sneak off and indulge for a while :)

So off I go to take pics of my pride and joy Dolly #2
this time in blue (at the boys request.....quote "Mum why do you always paint everything white??) 
 the trays are covered in the beloved vintage wallpapers and then varnished :)

I could happily fill the house with these trolleys and I'm thinking... quit selling fabrics as I get so stressed hunting for them and turn littleteawgon into a ..........well an up cycled teatrolly shop...

Dolly #2 will be moving into her new home soon, along with me and my fabric's not looking too pretty at the moment but I'm thinking a cross between Calamity Janes cabin and a Cuckoo clock and you get an idea...Yay.... I can't wait, I've always wanted my own shed....

Have a lovely weekend :)
x x x x x