Tuesday, 31 July 2012

a quick little how to ..felt bunting ....

as the UK is festooned with Olympic bunting I fancied a bit of those colourful triangles myself so...a quick little how to make felt bunting...

very easy :) and the felt is quite good for little hands to cut out...

you will need
felt in lovely bright colours
bias binding or cotton tape
sewing machine

* chop up your felt into many little triangles

* fold over the binding or tape and sew the triangles in between

* leave a cm or so in between

* keep going till you run out of triangles :)

you could do the same with squares or circles if you wanted different shaped ones...if you dont have tape or binding you could use ribbon or make your own by cutting strips of fabric

I have started yet another crochet blanket....well, the weather is bobbins and there's the swimming to watch on telly...whats a girl to do :)

happy tuesday 

x x x x x x


  1. So cute and simple :) thanks for sharing.

    Bee happy x

  2. Great and easy decoration. I'd like to try it when I get access to a sewing machine :)

  3. So cute and very quick and easy. Lovely! I can see houses popping up covered in all kinds of pretty colourful bunting. Just because :) Happy Olympic watching! x

  4. Hi Jane ... love the cute little bunting ... I made some bigger cotton ones for my little ones room ... they make a really effective decoration ... a little bit of happy ... Bee x

  5. Color me happy....sweetest bunting......and I always love glimpses of your cute little shed....where all the magic happens!

  6. Great idea! I have some lovely felt that I could use to bring a bit of cheer to the dreary days we are having at the moment. I have the little flower drawer cube too! x

  7. Love the colors!! Such a sweet bunting! Have a great week! xo Heather

  8. Just nabbed myself a wack of felt bits at my LCS (Local Charity Shop) today so I am all stocked and ready to bunt!

  9. Such sweet bunting and oh so simple to make :)

  10. how delightfully bright!!! I love the idea!!