Thursday 2 August 2012

a little blog award 7's post

thank you once again lovely Ada for the blog award....

so here are....

7 things about teawagontales... I have done things I'm hoping to do this summer...


read some books.. ( kids books are my favourites )


get back to basics...( I love computer graphics but I treated myself to some pastels and am having a go at drawing again )


catch a train...( hopefully in a cute station like this one )


listen to some tunes....( not i-tunes... lovely old vinyls on our record player, I can't wait to dig out some old favourites )


crochet....( never has a school holiday gone by that I haven't picked up the hook and some yarn and got to work on yet another blanket )


picnics :) ....( weather dependant of course although I am partial to wet, thundery picnics too and with our little dog Arnie in tow they are always 'interesting' )


paint... ( even though my plan was to paint the house from top to bottom...this option seems a bit more realistic.. )

8..I know I can't count :)
making... ( just for the sake of it...patchy things,toys,garlands,cushions,paper mache..anything we fancy ..yay!the best sort of making )

so maybe after the summer I will re look at this post to see if we did any of the above :)

I hope so x

here are some links to some lovely blogs I have recently discovered...

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