Wednesday 12 August 2015

spoon dolls...

hello..I'm back again with another little how to..although it's not really a how to because every one knows how to paint a wooden spoon right?

it's more of a here's what you could do with a wooden spoon type of post...hopefully just a bit of inspiration.

my spoons came from the kids craft section of a supermarket so have little handles but any kind will work, new ones are good but used ones are ok too in fact sometimes the darker wood looks better.
I used acrylic paints but poster paints would work too, try to avoid felt tips or pens because they bleed into the grain (even if you paint the spoons first I find they still do) I discovered this when I was making these
Also if you are a bit wobbly with a brush (like me) a wooden cocktail stick works well for painting on small details like eyes etc...

don't worry if you make a mistake...the eyes went very wrong here!! but no problem, I'll show you what I did about that in a bit.

masking tape is always handy for a bit of extra colour.

And remember the one with the bad eyes...well she ended up a masked super hero so I gave her a cape :)

I added a bit of tape to the lower part of the handle and sprayed them with some clear varnish...just so the colours stayed nice and bright.

they are going to keep me company by my desk...
bye for now x x