Monday, 31 October 2011

Hi - Jinx over ...well almost

..... half term has been and gone.... I apologise for lack of posts and comments recently but I made a promise to myself that when the boys are off school I should spend a lot less time staring at a
I bundled some wool into a bag and went over to Yorkshire for a few days to see my lovely Mum and sisters..the boys spent their time mostly up a tree and Arnie gets about seven walks a day:)

new blanket on the go....

I have no idea what Halloween is all about these days.....but for me its an excuse to decorate the home, dig out my sisters of mercy records,pop on a wig and have a bit of fun :)

as I spent most of my teenage years dressing like it was halloween everyday I like to be a bit more colourful these days........(I'm thinking Mars Attacks girl alien)
Have a lovely week 
x x x x x x x