Monday 13 June 2011

Finally.....a winner ....

Yaaaahoooooo, I'm back...with a new browser and a new-found knowledge of cookies and caches!! We have just had the longest two weeks ever, school holidays started with Mr H going away for work so me and the boys had a nice little trip over to Grandmas in Yorkshire for a few days, then followed lots of rain, a broken toilet, a broken shower, a trip to the vets for Arnie, a trip to the dentists for me (crown fell out) and the holiday ending with me and Mr H at a Take That concert.
Lets just say my knowledge of toilet syphons,shower circuit boards and how to remove a tick, whilst looking like a hillbilly(tooth missing) has also improved :-)

Onto the winner of the giveaway,thank you all... I had such a giggle reading the lookalikes comments , the name picked out of the hat was........
....well done!!! and thanks for your patience....if you email me your address I can get those goodies off to you, :-)

In between all the mayhem I did manage to finish a few projects like this little blanket, remember me saying I was going to make some things out of my vintage fabric stash before I sold it all? .....well I got a bit addicted so there are a few new things to show and tell, this is my favourite, I love the way the colours look next to each other...oh I do love colours....

its so good to be back :-)

Have a lovely week
x x x x x x x x x x