Wednesday 22 June 2011

round and round..........

Sometimes you need a project that you can just pick up and not think about too much......I can't read crochet patterns very well....(I'm working on that) but in the meantime I just like going round and round...

It's mindless, therapeutic, it grows fast and best of all I don't even have to look much to see what I'm doing..which means I can watch Madmen at the same time :)

It grows so fast that I had to start another blanket......this is for #1's bedroom so am trying 'very' hard to not put any pink fact I have made so many blankets now that when we went to my Mums in the holidays I left a couple on their bunk beds, much to my Mums amusement as it was my lovely Mum who taught me how to crochet :)

......when I'm not going round and round you can find me most days buried under a pile of fabric... in other words avoiding housework and other grown up duties :)

x x x x x x x x x x x