Sunday 6 March 2011

Rose Cushion Tutorial.....

How to turn a plain 'ol thing into a pretty little thing :) and ....Gulp my first ever tutorial....

For this little cushion cover with lovely rose bud applique and pompom trim.
you will need

* A plain cushion cover ( I made this one from some thrifted fabric and if I'm honest I did the tutorial to include making the cushion but I met myself coming backwards twice and totally confused myself, so decided to keep it simple, for your sake)

* Pom pom trim/ricrac or ribbon

* Bondaweb

* A nice piece of fabric with a big ( 10cm or more) flower print on it

* Pins

* Take the bondaweb and your motif fabric and place the bondaweb on the reverse side of your motif, iron the bondaweb to the fabric and then peel off the backing paper.
*Cut around your motif as neatly as you can

* Right side facing up, iron your motif onto the fabric, I put it in the middle, but anywhere that takes your fancy is fine, not only does the bondaweb stick your flower onto the fabric but it seals the edges too so it won't fray, you can leave it just as is or I sew round the edges just to finish it off a bit more....up to you......

* Then take your lovely pompoms and pin them neatly as near to edge of the cover as you can.(if your cover has a zipper opening don't put them on the edge where the zip is) Make sure your pompoms are free to 'dangle' off the edge. Sew them on making sure the ends are turned in to avoid fraying. Repeat on the opposite side.

* You can sew ric rac or ribbon along the edge too just to finish the look and to hide the braid that the pompoms are attached to.

Hope that makes sense.... :)
This little project was inspired by the fabric I used last week for my curtains, there were little bits left and I couldn't bear to throw them away, actually I got a bit carried away.....and customised a few other things while I was at it.....

Hoping you had a lovely weekend full of sunshine and blue skies

x x x x x x x