Monday, 3 September 2012

the lolly dollys meet some boys.....

hello....I'm still here, just enjoying the last day of freedom before school starts's a big week..#1 is starting high school and I'm panicking about buses and bus stops and how to put on a tie....but it will be fine and the house will be quiet again and I will miss them :)

but before I disappear again to buy last minute bits and pieces...I'm sharing the Lolly stick boys that I have had requests for...

they are done in just the same way as the Dolly's...

I did mine with tapes but the boys made theirs with just pens :)

hope you like them...

the Indian chief one reminds me of Mr Ben :)

so now I need to go and buy more pens and pencil cases and write up my little summer journal so we can remember the all fun stuff we did...

my little 20% sale ends tonight and I will be re-stocking the littleteawagon shelves on wednesday :)

Happy September 

x x x x x x x x 


  1. back today
    from summer break
    ate loadsa lollys
    cute boys{& girls}
    happy supply shopping
    {i have a giveaway/link share
    at mine, please pop by}
    x ...


  2. Hello Jane, Once again, the most cutest things ever! Are they going to be available in your shop? Are you using tongue depressor width sticks, or are they the narrow Popsicle width? Both post have me pining for washi tape. Is there an on-line supplier of washi that you can recommend? Am I done with the questions? Well, maybe for a bit. :)

    1. hi :)
      they are wider than normal popsicle width and I would say etsy is the best place to try for tapes...have fun x x x x

    2. Thanks for the info, off to etsy now...

  3. Thank you from my boys (and me!)!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  4. Well, hello there handsome guys ;-)

    They look awesome!
    So much fun xx

  5. made me miss you even more....don't work, have tea with meeeeee!!!
    fee x

  6. Oh Jane I just love them! Whole families could be made! The babies could be made out of matchsticks! Actually I know that's crazy but you know what I mean! The boys obviously take after you for their crafty ways!
    Thanks for reminding me about Mr Ben, I used to rush home from school in my dinner hour to watch him....and they say kids now watch too much telly! I loved Mr Ben and his amazing adventures!
    Hope all goes well this week, eldest Bea only put on her senior school uniform yesterday and I burst into tears! I was only checking everything fitted ok! She said "don't cry Mum, everything will be ok!" talk about role reversal! Ada :)

  7. May I suggest a Little Teawagon puppet theatre be your next project. That would be so ace!
    Can't wait for the shop update.....I am in a frenzy ;)
    Much love, Little Betty xxx

  8. My first thought was of Mr Ben too! Love these. Anna. x

  9. Oh boy, I love them boys! (just as much as the girls :))

  10. What lovely boys ... they are great ... Bee xx

  11. Your lolly stick boys look fab. Oh I can remember the worries when my daughter first started high school. I think they find it easier than us mums. Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  12. These are fantastic!!! I want to make some for myself - looks like fun!!! :-)
    They do remind me of Mr Ben!!!

  13. Love those little people, so cool and glad you had a great holiday!