Wednesday, 5 September 2012

tea...fretting and new stuff... off went our eldest on a big yellow bus to high school...I have been fretting all morning and drinking lots of tea...
 I popped off into my little shed and got on with some work to distract me :)

so all my little makes that I had been working away on at night in the school holidays are now listed in my little shop


I have been ruthless and chopped into my favourite fabrics for these....there are owlies..


bunting in lots of lovely colours and patterns...


 more owlies :)

and some more Teawagon patchy blankets..

in lots of pretty florals and checks...

I have fretted a bit more and drank more tea and looked at the clock....

soon be home time and the quiet will be gone and I'll have another cup of tea while listening to tales of big school :)

x x x x x x x x x x


  1. I've been fretting too! I'm sure they will be fine, wish I had installed a hidden camera in her uniform so I could just make absolute sure she was ok though!
    I love the owls! Ada :)

  2. they'll all be fine I hope! Love the owlies, Heather

  3. Hello Lovely, it will all be fine. My eldest went to big school a couple of years ago and I was soooooo worried about her. She was fine though, she had a great time.
    Sending you a big hug and lots of love xox

  4. Ps. I'm loving the new stuff in the shop. Just waiting for you to list some wallpaper x

  5. The owlies are lovely, such pretty fabrics.

  6. especially love your patchwork
    although yours owls are pretty darn cute too
    {giveaway/link delight at mine
    would be a happy bunny if you passed by}
    cheerio for now


  7. All part of growing up o course, but yes, a little camera would be nice to follow them around some... ;-) I didn't realize Britain had yellow school busses also???

    You have been super busy with all your sewing! I haven't done much for the past three months and am slowly getting back into things... :-)

  8. Loving your little owlies, so sweet!
    Victoria xx

  9. What lovely new makes ... the owls are very cute ... I have a little owlie soft spot ... hope everything goes well with big school ... Bee xx

  10. Love all of the goodies! As for the young man, be sure to post something about his first day and let us know how it went.

  11. Love the rainbow bunting...
    My son started senior school on Tuesday & I was a bag of nerves all day - he was so chilled when he came home. & Breathe!

  12. This is such a pretty post. The rows of owls, quilts and the strings of buntings are so sweet, such eye candy...enchanting!

  13. My eldest started high school this year also! It felt weird for me too! All will be ok :-) You have seriously good vintage fabrics in England. I am a tad envious

  14. Aw weren't alone. I hope he had a really super day and that you've stopped fretting now. You can always pop in to ABH for a soothing tea and some distraction! xxxx

  15. How exciting. I hope your son had a wonderful day. My son started A level college yesterday and I think I was more nervous than him. Your fabrics are so pretty. The owlies look really sweet. Ali x

  16. I hope your son had a lovely first day at school....I'm sure he really enjoyed himself. Love your vintage bunting....may have to buy some more sheets to make some more of my own!
    Caroline xx

  17. J'aime beaucoup vos créations et vos photographies.
    Bravo !!!

  18. thanks for all your thoughts x of course you were all right and he had a great day, I need to lighten up I think :) x x x x

  19. I know the feeling you mean oh so well Jane! My Girl started 5th grade yesterday, and I've been such a nervous nelly while she is away! But she comes home happy as a clam, and all is well, so I guess I should start to relax a bit, huh? It's hard being a mom, lol! I love all of your new goodies in the shop, and I am heading over there now to browse!! XO Helena

  20. Such gorgeousness in one place! Love the vintage fabrics :)

  21. Jane is this your first one off to high school.....I remember this day very well.....pins and needles only to find he had a great day!
    I love your owlies and bunting! Thinking of you....

  22. Wow, you've been busy and all such beautiful things too. Hope you had lots of wonderful stories of a great first day from him Jane. It's a tough time all round isn't it. Seems that high school is working out just great for Rosey, but it might kill us all with the 6.30sm starts and all the endless driving around. Sounds a great idea living in a village until they go to school in the city and there's only one bus a day out of here.


  23. Hello i'm for the frist time on your blog. You make very lovely things. From now on i will follow you. Also you are welcom to my blogs : wien-art paper and wien-art fabrics.
    Greetings, Corine

  24. Hi my friend...always love coming to see whats new in your shop!!! Hugs and love

  25. Your makes are like a breath of fresh air, the colours are so lovely!

  26. Jane, are you MIA? Haven't seen a post here or comments of yours on others. I hope what ever is keeping you away is just a lot of good, busyness.

    Watching for your return!


  27. oooooooohhhhh just loving all those retro prints! and I have a tin tray with the same design as yours!!


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