Tuesday, 18 September 2012

fab films and new packaging....

...yesterday the Mr and I went on a little jaunt to the cinema....a proper old fashioned one where you buy your ticket from a man in a booth, a cup of coffee costs 75p and they sell smarties and maltesers in boxes :)
and the best bit is that they show films for people like us who are rubbish and miss them when they are on at the big cinemas :)

Moonrise Kingdom is now officially my No1 favourite film.....

so in between googling pictures from the film every 5 minutes and drooling over that vintage record player I have been re-designing the littleteawagon packaging..


and bundling up fabrics and wallpapers :)

it's a weekend of birthdays and anniversary's coming up Yay! and I also note its a year since I moved into my little shed...

happy tuesday night 

x x x x x x x


  1. That sounds my kind of cinema! Can't remember the last time I went.
    Love the new packaging. Lovely and clean and sharp and different.

  2. this book is on of my all time favorites now too! And you should hear the soundtrack, it is amazing when you are crafting! have a great day!

  3. Your new packaging looks great!
    Have a wonderful day,

    Emma xx


  4. Ooh thanks for the reminder, we haven't seen that yet! Though will probably have to get it on DVD, rather than seeing in in a lovely old-fashioned cinema like yours. Love the new packaging, and congratulations on a year in your lovely shed! x

  5. Congratulations on a whole year in your shed - worth celebrating I think. I love your new packaging - it looks great. Also love your blog and all that you do - thanks heaps - Julie :-) Xox

  6. I miss those kinds of cinemas...

    Love the new packaging!


  7. was that the film we nearly took the boys to see....then decided it wasn't really for them, more for us??!!! (glad to hear we were right on one thing!)
    Love your new packaging. And you are welcome to visit the workshop - it will make you feel better about ANY messy part of your house/shed. It looks like I've been burgled.
    fee x

  8. Wow... gorgeous bundles ... am off to do some shopping :) x

  9. Love old cinemas and am going to google the film ... looks like my kind of movie! Lovely bundles too.

    Claire xxx

  10. Your vintage cinema sounds wonderful. Our local one dispenses tickets from a machine, and I probably would have to take out a mortgage to buy coffee. Your bundles look so pretty and cheerful. Have a lovely day.
    Ali x

  11. I'm so pleased you've restocked your vintage sheets, and the new designs are great! I've been really busy making my hexie blanket out of my sheets, I'm loving it, but my fingers are sore! I've posted pictures if you want a peek! From one addict to another!!! Ada :)

  12. Love your new stock Jane ... and the packaging is great ... good on you for visiting your old cimena ... I would love to do that ... we have a big omniplex ... completely soulless ... we haven't been in an age ... I can never get a babysitter organised ... lazy me :) ... Bee xx

  13. Am going to have to look up that film - it sounds lovely. Your packaging looks fab, and congrats on your 1st year-in-the-shed anniversary!

  14. My kind of cinema, why do smarties and jelly tots taste better out of a box lined with wax paper?? Love the new labels too x

  15. I do love that kind of cinema but they really are getting harder to come by...

  16. OOh Jane, I've been wanting to see that movie! I had a feeling it was good. :) I actually took my girl to see "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" yesterday, and it was SO sweet. I think you would like that one too. LOVE, love, love your new packaging. How do you accomplish so much? Congrats on the first year in your pretty shed!! XO

  17. Hi Jane,
    Love the new packaging, I am looking forward to receiving my vintage fabrics which I order this week :)
    Happy 'Shed' Anniversary!
    Love Caroline xx

  18. How funny, me and my man did the same thing on Friday night- Moonrise Kingdom with a packet of skittles! They have a little bar with a special table to do your lemon and ice in your G&T. I LOVED the film, love all Wes Anderson films. Happy Shediversary! Hope you look back on a year in your lovely workspace fondly.Love my patchy blanket by the way, cheering colours for crisp autumn days xxx

  19. Darn, I missed that movie & I really wanted to see it (instead saw the uncomfortable meryl streep movie)...gonna see if Moonrise is still playing around here.
    I need to find a vintage record player...been looking and have been buying old records so I can play them on it.

  20. Hope you have a great birthday, weekend. Will check out the shop when it is opened again.

  21. Sounds wonderful - I want to go to an old fashioned cinema. . . . .

  22. That fabric is to die for!

    That was a great film - I love its quirky quality.