Monday, 2 July 2012

quick little how to....greeting cards

you will need
card and envelopes
washi tapes
stamps - ink

take your washi tapes and put a strip along the card

add more if you want a tree :)

add lovely stickers.....

stamp on or write on your greeting 

x x x x x x x x 

so quick and easy peasy...get the kids to do them...or do them on your own.. instead of ironing like I did :)


  1. Brilliant!! Thanks for sharing your lovely idea, those cards look great. And definitely much more fun than ironing! Rachel x

  2. So sweet... think I shall do something like this with my little boy for his end of term teacher thank you cards!

  3. They look fab! I LoVe the little people stickers! So cute!
    Victoria xx

  4. These would never have looked as cute if I had had a hand at the little girls and birds...

  5. te he...we were both sitting blogging with other things to do! Are we on for weds?
    see you've been out at a popular music concert again??
    fee x

  6. What a lovely girls stickers! And a very nice idea.
    I'll put it in my Idea-drawer, untill I can use it sometime...

  7. This totally proves that sometimes simple is best! x

  8. My children have always loved to make their own cards, in fact we have a whole cupboard in the dining room dedicated to all things crafty! I have finally plucked up the courage to start my own blog and have started with some vintage sheet photos if you want to have a peek! From one addict to another!!! Ada ;)

  9. What a sensible alternative to ironing!
    Thanks for fabrics - they're great!

  10. these look great!! please, please, please tell me you got these stickers online,and I can also purchase some easily??

  11. Super cute cards. I have to thank you for inspiring me to turn my hand to sewing again. View the results here, if you please.

  12. Love it! Especially if I have permission to do them instead of ironing. Must get some washi tape it is gorgeous. melx

  13. Oh, these are the sweetest! Love the stickers. Too cute! Thanks for sharing! xo Heather

  14. These are so darling...I am in love with those little people stickers. xoxo

  15. So cute! Ironing is bad for your health anyhow!
    Sharon. x

  16. aahh those are really lovely ;-)) dee x

  17. I would much rather make these adorable cards then iron anytime!!! Thanks Jane. XO

  18. Too cute, Jane - love the little ladies! Who needs crease free clothing anyway? :-)

    Bee x

  19. Ironing = Forget that for a game of soldiers, cards well I love them xx

  20. Hi Jane

    Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely vintage wallpaper pack and print I received today - I am delighted with them! Can't wait to start my little house :-)

    Thanks again, Bee x

  21. Just found you via Julia's blog and so glad I did. Fab postings I have just wasted, sorry spent, time reading. I LOVE your shed, that should be in that SHED CHIC book, chic it may not be, but glorious and cosy and welcoming and making you want to rummage it most certainly is! A look I am aiming for but seem to not manage, so stripped out and starting again!
    And love the cards on this post.... where do you buy those fab stickers? I live in a rural area, craft shops of any reasonable size and variety are almost an hour away! So a lot of online shopping is done... too much sometimes. But hey, I'm an older lady and the kind government gave me a diddy little pension a couple of years ago, mine to squander, sorry spend, as I wish.
    Great blog... will be back! Promise not a threat.

    1. hi Maggie Thank you :)
      The stickers are from Paperchase of my favourite shops x...I think they sell online?
      Jane x