Wednesday, 18 July 2012

a little crafty how to for a sunny :) wednesday

I'm hoping to do a few tutorials over the next few weeks to keep little hands busy over the school holidays
my kind of crafting involves papery, sticky, tapey kind of stuff which hopefully is good for all ages :)

first up is a little handy box will need

papers - mt tapes - stickers
stamps - ink
anything crafty you can get your hands on really

measure the inside of your box and line with paper 
cover the outside with different paper and use your tapes to cover the bits down the side

have fun decorating with stickers...stamp or write words etc

concertina fold some paper that will fit inside and write on a message, story  ( leave this bit out if want to put something inside the box )

...admire the nice colourful mess you have made ( not compulsory but I like to see crafty mess... it makes me happy )

you can use these for messages...stories...or to put little gifts inside...they are the perfect size for lego figures :)
or you could use the larger sized matchboxes...

have fun x

thank you for all your comments on the giveaway post...I am always blown away by the encouragement and support you bloggers give...still time to enter if you like stickers and fabric :)
other news...I have managed some sewing time and have a few new patchy blankets in the shop

I am hoping that over the holidays I will be able to finally get some ideas out of my sketchbook and into lots of new crochet ...some painting (of the decorating kind ) and getting our #1 ready for his step into the big wide world that is high school...

happy sunny wednesday

x x x x x x


  1. Oh I have sooooooooo missed catching up on your posts Jane. They are like a stunning breath of colour filled joy! Crikey, and i've missed a giveaway post too.....will have to rectify that in a mo! Ooooooh looking forward to fun filled sticky tutorials to keep the kidlets happy over the summer. I seriously need ideas. I have brain frazzle at the moment. Roll on the hols and hope for a bit of sun thrown in too!

    Take care my lovely xxxxxxxxxx

  2. dont leave these lying around....or else you may need to do a bag check before I leave the shed....he he, fee x

  3. What a cute idea - great to keep the littles busy!! Thanks, Bee x

  4. They are lovely, I will make some with my 10 year old step daughter this weekend x

  5. Keep the ideas coming I need to use up lots of wallpaper! My eldest too is of to secondary school! I am not yet ready for her to Be Amongst Teenages! She is growing up so fast, someone seems to have pressed the fast forward button and I am frantically looking for the pause! Ada :)

  6. they are so so cute....!!!
    xxx Alessandra

  7. Awesome inspiration, just when it is most needed. I have the good fortune of picking up grandson #1 and his little sister later today for a sleep over and tomorrow is a special day for play. Besides picnics and tent building, crafting is also on the agenda.

  8. Aw these are really sweet! Glad the sun is shining where you are, and hopefully it will continue for the rest of summer. Have fun with all the lovely crafty things you have planned.

  9. Today I bought two flowery pillow cases in the charity shop and I thought of you. This blogging caper is mad, you think of people you don't even know...crackers!
    I think I might cut them up when I make my next quilt, (oh my aching sides,)or I might try to crochet the edges.
    I like all your makes and I'd probably live in your shed given the chance.
    Have a good day!

  10. These little match boxes are so sweet! I think they would be adorable on top of a gift. Cute cute cute!


  11. how sweet are the boxes! so nice for desk decorations for a teacher!!!

    they deserve a thanks for all their hard work!

    Kate xxx

  12. This is soooo darling...perfect for anyone you love. xoxo Can't wait to see more creative fun here....hugs.

  13. These are so adorable!! Such a fun summer craft! Your new patchwork blankets are beautiful!! Have a lovely week! xo Heather

  14. Hello, Jane I love these! Mine are both now in high school so I will have to wait for my lovely little niece to visit so I can make one with her! (Also good for wet days in caravans) LOL xx


  15. Thanks for sharing Jane. Have a feeling there might be a lot of indoor stuff this summer. Not sure why, just a feeling.


  16. Those little boxes are so cute!!! I love them!

  17. These are just too stink'n cute....

  18. What a great idea, and I'm loving your patchwork!

  19. These are fab - I do need distraction for me and the short one over the summer hols...I still have my beady eye on a blanket...and as soon as I have a few pennies to jingle together I will be having another peep :)

  20. Hi Jane, I have nominated you for A Lovely Blog Award, you don't know this but your blog has helped me through some tough times lately and I just want to say thanks, Ada :)

  21. Beautiful little boxes - my children will love making these!