Monday, 4 July 2011

7 reasons to be cheerful.......

Thank you to lovely cuckoo and lovely sarah for the blog awards :)
so as I've already done 7 facts about myself here I thought I would do
7 things that are making me smile today :) :) :)

#1 Deerdre the deer head patiently awaiting her makeover :)

#2 busyness.... lots of sewing going on :)

#3 cute glasses from the charity shop :)

#4 managing to stick this lady's head back on :)

#5 newly painted front door :)

#6 much loved little friends on the washing line :)

#7 home town rock :)

#8 knowing that I can't count and that we found this for £3 :)

I would like to pass this award onto a shiny new blog which I have just discovered
and with the bestest name...pollywallydoodle

whats making you smile today?? happy Monday *4th July*

note lovely koralee has pointed out 'deerdre' is in fact a he!! oooops any new boy names gratefully received :)


  1. I like your front door!
    nice pictures...,

    have a nice day!

  2. The front door is a gorgeous colour! Our front door could do with a lick of paint too. I love 'deerdrie'

  3. What's making me smile today and every time I visit, are your lovely photos! They're always so bright and clean looking iykwim.

    Now you've got me wondering how you're going to make Deerdre over. She's very brown which isn't really your thing, so perhaps a coat of white paint with some lovely blue eyes, and a tiny little garland to hang from her antlers maybe?

  4. 7 reasons indeed to by happy. I am glad that sweet little lady has her head back on now! Gorgeous finds.

  5. What happy joys you share. Love the deer head..can't wait to see his new look {it is a male with the horns..right? but for some reason I want to call it HER}

    Happy new week to you...we are off on holidays so if I don't visit for a while you know why....hugs.

  6. Making me smile today?? The new fabric to make a dress for me with :)

    Am glad you were able to stick the lady's head on - she's lovely :)

  7. Loving your vintage bunting what gorgeous fabrics. I have those very same glasses but i have the complete box of 6 i also found them in a charity shop ;-)) I use them every day they just make me smile with there sunshine flowers. Such a pretty door wreath to. dee x

  8. you make me smile my lovely friend!
    can we still have a little hooky tomorrow?
    fee x
    (call your deer whatever you want - guessing he's about to be pretty'ed up soon anyway so maybe Deerdre is right)

  9. Nice photos and I forgot about Doris Days' PJ Game movie that would of been a perfect movie to watch when the gals came over for our PJ night of stitching...will have to think of that one for next time. Great findings

  10. I think Deedre is perfect, looking forward to seeing his/her transformation!

    Your door is beautiful, I love that colour. I live in a rented house with a hideous uPVC door - I can only dream of a door that beautiful!

    Thank you so very much for the mention! Being a Polly I spent my childhood being referred to as Polly Wally Doodle, so I thought I might as well make good use of it! I'll have a think and see if there is anything interesting I can say about myself! x

  11. Congrats on the awards! Lovely pics xxx

  12. Happy days for your awards Jane. How can I not smile because it's Friday so no working with smelly teenage boys for four days - hurrah. Have a lovely weekend in your colourful world.


  13. Maybe deerdre always saw himself as a lady so decided to change his name and when the opportunity arises likes a dress and false lashes.

    Lovely bunting....x

  14. How did I miss this post? Oh yeah I'm verrrrrrry behind with everything that's how!

    7 (8) smiley things is a great idea. Think I'll copy you.

    I likey alotto the heart door wreath, so much so I didn't really look at the fresh paint other than to notice it is a very lovely shade which would look lovely on Little C's new (v old knackered auction house) bedside table. What paint and colour is it?

    Well, yes Deedre is perfect but since I got out voted when Mini was born and didn't get to call him Django could Deedre have Django as a surname...please?