Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Charlie Brown and Pillowcases

As another half term holiday approaches, I'm wondering where the days are going?!?! I feel like I'm peddling up a steep hill and not getting anywhere......Oh no that would be me on my exercise bike,which after only a week is now wearing vintage pillowcases to hide the fact that I haven't got time to go on it...

Anyway I'm looking forward to not...... rushing about, doing school runs, ironing hideous maroon sweatshirts and just generally having some time to watch my favourite..... Charlie Brown and read another J.otto Seibold book which is just as lovely as his christmas one :)


And hopefully pick up some wool and get on with a little crochet project, I've been looking at all the lovely things that you've been making and I'm feeling the need to get back on the wagon (parden the pun)

Have a lovely week

x x x x x x


  1. Hmmmmm...maroon... Is it bad that I'm partly choosing a school on it's utterly awesome uniform?

    I hope you have a lovely half term with your little people!

    (I've only just found your blog, and really love it!)


  2. Thank you for your kind comment! I definitely have the crocheting bug! ...but have to admit I find knitting 10 times easier!

    The school uniform the little man will have is great. Grey trousers and a white shirt (as per most schools) and then a little red tie and a green cardie/jumper! They look so sweet in them! ...can't say I'm much of an ironer though...


  3. hmmmm, half-term, it's bitter sweet at this time of year with the grotty weather, - but like you I'm looking forward to steping off the treadmill for a few days (we only get 4 days up here) and not having to make any pesky packed lunches!! Hope you get some hooking done!

  4. Yay it came as quick as you like Jane. Thanks so much - as always delicious fabrics and a surprise or two. Oh the possibilities. I've been lining up piles of fabric today and dreaming (well not all day because the animals and the kids would have rioted). It was actually Spring here yesterday, then today off it went. Better book some holiday hadn't I, thanks for the reminder about half-term. Hope you have a wonderful break.


  5. Lovely pictures, It has come quickly another week and half for us and then i will be having some much needed PJ days with my boys ;-)) enjoy the rest of your week, dee ;-)

  6. These are sweet, Mimi was writing out her valentines tonight...I remember how fun that use to be!

  7. My Biscuits school just informed us there is an extra day for in-service added on to the hols....good or bad?
    My friend's hubby is an amazing artist (works at Pixar) and for their wedding he designed their invitations as them as children (when they met - very romantic)in the style of his favourite artist Charles Shultz. So cute!
    Desperate to join your wagon trail and indulge in some fabric shopping.
    Ali x

  8. Why do schools pick the worst colours? I had to put up with navy blue, never worn it since. Now we have to have to have the dreaded maroon, who thinks maroon is a good idea?

  9. ..even worse that the maroon is combined with sky blue! (I've told my boys it's spring and have stopped giving them sweatshirts...bad mother?)

    Anyhoo, I'm on the same steep hill but plan on jumpin off any day now...fancy a day trip next week?

    Fee x

  10. Just discovered your blog! I love all things vintage too, especially textiles and china! Oh and jewellery, and clothes. And furniture!
    Also love bright new innovative fabrics, and love your fabrics in your last post.
    The school hols come around so quickly dont they? You just get back into the swing of things when they're here again!

  11. I feel like that too Jane, Like I am running really hard but just not getting anywhere. I seem to be dreaming a lot about being back at school or college and everything prevents me from getting there for the start of lessons. I'm sure that is supposed to mean something!

    Maroon? I have to iron hideous green, well I say iron, what I mean is folded whilst hot from the dryer. The iron and I don't know each other that well!

    I am looking forward to having a week of not rushing out of the house, but not looking forward to a week of total house mess! Something has to give!

    Hope your week is a good one!

    Love Vanessa xxxxxxxx