Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Charlie Brown and Pillowcases

As another half term holiday approaches, I'm wondering where the days are going?!?! I feel like I'm peddling up a steep hill and not getting anywhere......Oh no that would be me on my exercise bike,which after only a week is now wearing vintage pillowcases to hide the fact that I haven't got time to go on it...

Anyway I'm looking forward to not...... rushing about, doing school runs, ironing hideous maroon sweatshirts and just generally having some time to watch my favourite..... Charlie Brown and read another J.otto Seibold book which is just as lovely as his christmas one :)


And hopefully pick up some wool and get on with a little crochet project, I've been looking at all the lovely things that you've been making and I'm feeling the need to get back on the wagon (parden the pun)

Have a lovely week

x x x x x x