Monday 28 February 2011

The post about awards......

No sorry not those ones.... no red carpet and designer dresses here, although I did do a little skip and a squeal when I heard Colin had won one,....... no these are blog awards, two of which I'm afraid were awarded last November..( I did do a post all about this at the time but it was very 'linky' and I made a big mess)

So thankyou so much to these three lovely girls who sent me these awards :) and apologies for the .....long wait..........

So here are my seven things about me

* I got married in Doc Martins ( very very pretty silver blue brocade ones to match my dress though)

* When I was sixteen I met Morrissey, I kissed his hand, he threw some flowers at me and he wrote I love you on my autograph

* I always read the last page of a book first......

* Steve Martin once left a message on our answer phone, we wanted to keep it on forever but we had a power cut and it got wiped off

* I can't say the word Copacabana.... (luckily not a word you have to say that much but you'd be surprised how often I find myself 'trying' to say it

* I'm teaching myself how to play the accordion, its not going too well up to now, but I'm hopeful.

* I have a memory like a goldfish...., I can watch a whole film before realising I've seen it before.

I should now pass this on to 7 other lovely blogs but I fear my 'linky mess' may rear its ugly head again... I'm going to say that I think there are lots of wonderful blogs out there, all very worthy of these awards and I thank you all for the lovely comments you leave and the smiles you bring me (hope thats ok)

WOW it really is like the oscars over here today, I just need to get my hands on one of those $75.000 goody bags :)

Have a wonderful week

x x x x x x x x x