Thursday, 20 January 2011 more pics Yay

Not being very good at making new years resolutions and even worse at keeping them I decided to just make up some goals for 2011.....then I saw Dottie Angels 'shiny new year diorama' and Julie Arkels 'boxes' so I made up some kind of a ...well I'm not sure what it ended up as but it was good fun to do....

The toadstools are us.....the tiniest one being little Arn and the words are to remind us of what we should try and do this favourites are 'slow down/speed up' these apply to all of us (except the dog..who definately does not need to speed up!)

Its made from a shoe box...newspaper,wrapping paper,old stamps,vintage sewing patterns,and that fab sticky back plastic that looks like wood.

Have also been having a little play with my fabrics.....

...I'm off now to take millions more pics with my fixed camera :)

Have a lovely rest of the week x x x x x x x x


  1. Yay for the working camera!!!!!! Love, love, love the New Years Resolution's box! I am desperate to do one of Julie's Workshops, maybe that can be a NYR for me! he he!

    Love your play around with fabrics actually very taken with the orangey one...dear lord what is happening to me?!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha!!!!!

    Have a super rest of a day!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxx

  2. Oh how I love Julie Arkell, and her work!! I LOVE your NYR box, very J.A., very beautiful!

  3. Love love love your creation! I love anything with toadstools but I'm dotty about paper mache at the moment and can't wait to go on a course with JA later this year. The cute little bunting looks great too!

  4. the sweetest reminder box ever!!!! :)

  5. I love how creative you've been, lovely when things flow like that. Such a great insight into what you've been up to, I love it. As for J.A. Another fan here. I've got a friend booked into my makers market who has been friends with her since doing her course ages ago. They work on things together. I secretly would love it if she came along and I could meet her.

    Can't wait to see what pictures you and your camera capture.

    Have a great weekend Jane.


  6. Wow, what a fabulous idea - a NYR box! Its great and I would very much like to do one. Not heard of Julia Arkel so I'm off to find her web pages right now.

  7. Love the them, super sweet!

  8. Yay, thank goodness you have your camera back. I love your pics, they are always so cheery.
    Those mushrooms are so sweet, I love the whole creation but especially the mushies.

  9. wow, amazing jane - love what you have done with the funky lettering on the vintage fabric too x

  10. am having a little catch up here as i have a whole lovely day to myself.

    i do so love your world :o)