Thursday 20 January 2011 more pics Yay

Not being very good at making new years resolutions and even worse at keeping them I decided to just make up some goals for 2011.....then I saw Dottie Angels 'shiny new year diorama' and Julie Arkels 'boxes' so I made up some kind of a ...well I'm not sure what it ended up as but it was good fun to do....

The toadstools are us.....the tiniest one being little Arn and the words are to remind us of what we should try and do this favourites are 'slow down/speed up' these apply to all of us (except the dog..who definately does not need to speed up!)

Its made from a shoe box...newspaper,wrapping paper,old stamps,vintage sewing patterns,and that fab sticky back plastic that looks like wood.

Have also been having a little play with my fabrics.....

...I'm off now to take millions more pics with my fixed camera :)

Have a lovely rest of the week x x x x x x x x