Monday, 10 January 2011

Big plans........

Still no camera, its not looking good. On the upside its making me trawl through tons of photos I had forgotten about looking for new ones to put in posts........

I love this one...of my sisters (twins) on the beach in Cornwall I think. My Dad was a brilliant photographer and took lots of pics when we were young, they are so lovely to look at now and I treated myself to this little viewer last year so I could look at them when the fancy takes me, it would have been his birthday today, so the fancy did take me to have a peek at a few little snaps especially after finding this photo.

I had originally drafted out a much bigger post, but can't seem to get it to publish, I started it back in November and for some reason it won't post today, if anyone has any tips on how to import a draft or copy it I would love to know, I'm a bit daft when it comes to technology :)

There were high hopes for this week, crafting, sewing, searching for new fabrics, a bit more wallpapering but technology,lurgy's,power cuts and a little dog might have other plans........

Have a lovely week x x x x x x x x


  1. hi there! recently sold one of these viewers on etsy to a japenese chappie, boy do i regret it. silly eh? love your blog, quirky and creative, love your projects; be back soon, linda...

  2. Your post are always so colorful...Have a happy day!
    Loved the viewer with the cute picture of you and your sis!

  3. I don't know exactly what it is Jane, but you don't have to do too much to make me think oh goody she's posted again. I always feel happy coming here to your wee space.

    Hope your plans come to some realness. Have a good week.


  4. Hello Jane, it's always great to read your lovely posts. I love, love, love the mushroom.

  5. oooh Thanks so much all, that makes me very happy indeed x x x x

  6. Hi Jane, Lovely to be back in Bloggy land and catch up with you. Bobo Bun is totally don't have to do much in your posts to make me smile and have a happy rush!

    The viewer is awesome and the picture is beautiful. I love the nostalgia of old photos. You just cant beat them. They create such warmth.

    Sorry your week was tough. Sometimes it all comes at once.

    Thank you for putting a smile on my face today!