Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Pumpkins and Squirrels

The weeks are whizzing by and another half term looms, so I have been busy making and searching and fiddling and changing and fiddling and changing and re-arranging.

In another life I was a graphic designer and I miss playing around with images, so too often I find myself changing the logo in the shop or re-doing the title on here...it's good to mix things up a bit I think...nothing stays the same for long..................

Much like these two........

.......boys..I love 'em but I cannot work them out!

littleteawagon the shop is 6 months old on monday, I feel I should do something to mark the occasion but fear I will be up to my neck in mess, boys, zombies, dog, pumpkins and lots of orange stuff!(of the £shop kind)
Have a good week :)


  1. Boys are difficult to fathom! Lovely thoughtful post. Cute squirrel at the end.

    Hope your half term goes well!

  2. Fiddle away, creativity needs a fiddle now and again.

    Now I have two girls and they're not the pink fluffy kind, just kind of people - a mix of all sorts. BUT - being so similar to me in gender wise, boy does the fur fly at times, especially with early 10yr old hormones. So I guess whatever one you get it's got it's odd bits. So looking forward to half term and having my girls to myself for a few days, no sharing with school.

    Enjoy all the orange and the spiders Jane.

  3. Hi Jane, I've got 2 girls who fight like cat and dog, they are terrible. I can't work them out either.
    I hope you have great half term. I love the new banner by the way, cute deer. Also love the squirrel.

  4. Hi Jane
    I have a boy and girl (in their 20's now) and I have to say when it comes to the teenage years your life will be simpler. I love her to bits she's bubbley, pink, fluffy and still a Barbie girl to the core but boys are less complicated!
    Enjoy all the orange and creepy crawlies that are coming your way! :)
    Vivienne x

  5. I feel like the bears have only just started back at school and the half term looms. Am planning a chilled out one!

    Like you, I cannot work my boys out. Living with 4 males in a house overwhelms me sometimes. I often sit watching in amazement at how toilet humour and completely gross stuff makes them squeal with laughter. 'Ponky Head' is baby bears favourite phrase at the moment. Ah sigh.......!

    I hope your week is a chilled out one! Enjoy all the orange and the creepy crawlies!

    Happy six months to Teawagon!!!!!!!!

    Have a great day my lovely!

    Vanessa xxxx

  6. boys....our 2 week half term is coming to an end and I am shattered - I came to understand many years ago that they just need 'exercised' like puppies and are happiest outside 'doing' things, cosy craft afternoons are a rare thing in this house..! Enjoy your week!

  7. I've just discovered littleteawagon on Etsy...your work is gorgeous! :)