Sunday 14 December 2014

festive table decorations how-to

here's another little festive how-to for a pretty table decoration...the lace on the jars is window film which I used recently to decorate a door and had some left over, it sticks to glass and is super easy to apply. This is super quick and easy but it looks really here goes
you will need
  • a few clean jam jars in different sizes
  • patterned window film
  • bakers twine
  • scissors
  • greenery
  • battery candles
measure the jars and cut out the lace film to size so it will wrap around, apply... following the instructions (some are adhesive and some need water as a base to stick to) tie some twine around the top and pop some fern leaves or festive greenery and the non flame candle inside.
They look lovely grouped together and would work well as a table decoration or on a fireplace. You can skip the leaves and just add the lights. Also if you don't have any lace film you could use cut out paper, a doily or wide lace ribbon instead.
x x x x x