I am very happy  to say that this little garden shed was featured in Mollie Makes issue 09

After many years of filling the kitchen table with fabrics, papers, wool, threads and a sewing machine....this summer I finally got a space of my own :) started out as a humble 6' x 8' garden shed and although practical it was far from pretty..... after all the main construction was finished I popped a pencil behind my ear, got out my tape measure  and set out on a little mission to make it my own...

despite what I may have said, I did listen to the builder about insulation and although I am not the best with a wood saw, I plasterboarded the interior and packed insulation in between the walls....once that was done I wasn't keen on how the walls looked so I grabbed my box of vintage wallpapers, having too many to choose from I decided to use them all :)

lots of painting later and it just needed the finishing touches (my favourite bit)..... I moved in trolly Dolly #2 and Deerdre the deer head and gradually filled this little wooden space with my notions and trims, fabrics and thrifted finds until it felt like home.....

I wanted it to be a space where I could sew, make, chop away at fabric, crochet, draw and dream.....
everything in there is recycled,  upcycled or handmade, it has lots of natural light and is toasty warm :)

and finally and best of all we get to eat our meals on a clear (ish) table :)

I never thought a little wooden potting shed could have made me so happy :)

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