Friday, 7 October 2011

little blue guy...I love you .......

it has been a little crazy around here these past weeks, the heatwave, shed distractions, another birthday, lots of lego, lego cake....(pressure!) lego party (more pressure!) decisions...(even more pressure!)
...... in the midst of it all I find a creepy little cupboard which is just the right size for holding my I find my tins of paint...trying to remember that I was to use up left-over paint to save pennies....

but after 3 different still wasn't right so I pop in to Mr H's shed (yes he works in a shed too!) to have a little moan........and spot this little guy :) .......then I remember the fab photo above  in MM 's first issue and I'm in the car on the way to the diy store before you can say 'thunderbirds are go!' 
 finally after a lot of rubbing, sanding and huffing (and worse)  I repainted it, finished the insides with a pretty vintage wallpaper and some fabric and filled it with my little trims and notions :)

it was obviously always meant to be this colour .....

and as for Mr Tracy well he was obviously always meant to live with me :)

wishing you a happy autumn sun filled weekend
x x x x x x x x x x


  1. It's just the PERFECT colour blue!!..from creepy cupboard to a JM-cupboard ;-)
    Your pics make me happy every the time...


  2. May you and Mr Tracy have a very happy life together... Ax

  3. Hi Jane, love your cupboard, perfect colour, it is so happy. I'm sure you and Mr. Tracy will have many happy days together.
    Hope you have a good weekend too.
    Carol xx

  4. Perfect colour, it's creepy no more!!

  5. Oh yes...any other colour would not be proper my friend....all I can say is ADORABLE x 100!!! Hugs

  6. i love it i love it!!!!Greeting Irma

  7. been a while
    and gotta say mrs
    love your shed
    now connected
    internet is go
    and in bulgaria
    with my little eye
    on an authentic
    and authentically
    metal shepherd hut
    for a studio
    ooh the joy


  8. I LOVE your new little blue cupboard! Now I need one too! And some of those fabulous tins... ;) x

  9. Hi Jane!

    it's Lauren from, I saw your blog website on your etsy page, and I'd thought I'd head on over to check it out, I must say that I LOVE YOUR BLOG and all of your pictures! you have great style, very shabby-like and full of bright colors! very similar to my style too! and of course I love your new cabinet too! :)


  10. Oh such lovely blue.They are gorgeous.

    Have a lovely weekend as well!

  11. Oh beautiful! Inspiration can take any form apparently! The Thunderbirds saved the day again x

  12. sensational!! I love the bold blue choice. What fabulous inspiration - a thunderbird! fabulous as always!! mwah! xo

  13. Thank goodness for MrTracey - yet again Thunderbirds saved the day :)

  14. it's a great blue~ who would have thought!?
    amazing where we can find inspiration :)
    have a super weekend....

  15. It is perfect - inspiration can come in some amazing ways!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  16. Loving the inside as much as the outside. Last time I saw that fella I was trying to make an outfit for my mates son in Oz. I think it was ridiculously small, but made him happy all the same.

    Ohh I do love blue and that's a seriously lovely blue Jane.


  17. Hi, I have read your blog for a while and love your style, in awe and slightly envious of your beautiful shed. I think your cupboard is stunning blue is my favourite colour. I have only now started my own blog thanks to my lovely daughter helping me set up. Just wanted at last to say hello and thank you for the pleasure your blog has given me. Lorraine x