Monday, 31 October 2011

Hi - Jinx over ...well almost

..... half term has been and gone.... I apologise for lack of posts and comments recently but I made a promise to myself that when the boys are off school I should spend a lot less time staring at a
I bundled some wool into a bag and went over to Yorkshire for a few days to see my lovely Mum and sisters..the boys spent their time mostly up a tree and Arnie gets about seven walks a day:)

new blanket on the go....

I have no idea what Halloween is all about these days.....but for me its an excuse to decorate the home, dig out my sisters of mercy records,pop on a wig and have a bit of fun :)

as I spent most of my teenage years dressing like it was halloween everyday I like to be a bit more colourful these days........(I'm thinking Mars Attacks girl alien)
Have a lovely week 
x x x x x x x


  1. I love your crocheted!! Nice colours! It is so fun to do!! Greets, Herma

  2. hey pal - long time no see (ok, it's only been a couple of weeks but feels like longer!)
    My bigs are off out with friends tonight (SO not liking this growing up business) but having a small party for GB and pals.
    i too spent most of my youth in black so will be wearing orange and looking scarily like an actual pumpkin tonight. And better get some makeup on before someone thinks this is meant to be scary....
    fee x
    (let me know when you are free - and please enter my givewaway!)

  3. Were you a goth Mrs??
    Post a moody photo, go on...

  4. Loving the granny squares ... great colors! Are they for another blanket or some other fab project?

    My DD wore a bright pink wig with sparkle strands in it to school today. Black leotard, black sparkly tutu, black/neon pink tights, neon green high top converse sneakers, and fabulous swirly eye makeup ... can you guess what she was? Rock Star-Fairy Princess. =) =)

    Cheers ... Erin @ dutch girl diary

  5. Happy Halloween..ours is sooooo low key but we do carve pumpkins!Love the pink wig!
    I am glad you are enjoying time with your boys. Hugs go you all.
    Did I tell you I got the stockings...pure joy...a million thanks we all love them! I am now going to decorate my Christmas home around those stockings..trying to use the same colours...happy happy dance..have a great week. xxo

  6. Haha, I think you and Fee and myself could have been hanging out in them olden days! :-) And why not now too, if it wasn't for the long flight to meet each other.... (about 10 hours)
    Good to see you're back again!

  7. Lovely granny squares, nothing seems to be as peaceful as crocheting to me.
    Happy Halloween

  8. Love your Mars girl just too cute.....Have a spookiest of nights!

  9. sooooo loveley,
    happy helloween,

  10. Happy Hallowe'en Jane, I hope you and your family had a lovely break! x

  11. Hope you had a lovely Halloween, managed to persuade my 15 year old to be a sport and go out with her younger brother which she kindly did and made his night. Still haven't got round to painting my trolley, will do it soon I hope. Love the colours for your new blanket !

  12. Sounds like you have been having some great times and creating lovely memories. Hope you had a happy halloween. dee x