Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Hi there, just wanted to say I haven't forgotten about the giveaway, I just can't get blogger to work and am hoping this will publish, I can't leave comments or sign in or show pics, I'm working on it :-) ....back soon hopefully x x x


  1. Blogger has been "up the creek" since it went crazy a couple of weeks ago and lost most peoples latest posts and comments, then has been messing around ever since when you want to leave a comment.
    For what its worth, i've found that by unticking the stay logged in box when i log in, it actually then allowa me to leave comments - if i dont, it shows me as anonymous but still wont let me leave a comment.
    Hope it all works for you soon!
    Gill xx

  2. I've found the same as Gill, don't tick the "stay logged in" box when leaving a comment.
    I noticed on Ravelry some people have swapped to Google chrome and that has solved blogger problems for them.

  3. I'm glad to read you are ok.
    Hopefully those Blogger problems are solved soon, i will wait ;-)

  4. I wondered where you'd got to, I've missed your posts.
    Hope you get it sorted soon.

  5. How frustrating my friend....hope you get it fixed soon. xoxox got the other pillow cover...love it!

  6. I hope the bloomin thing works for you soon.

  7. I know its such a problem for a lot of people, so glad to have you back Momma!

  8. Lovin your make your own garland kits x