Monday, 28 February 2011

The post about awards......

No sorry not those ones.... no red carpet and designer dresses here, although I did do a little skip and a squeal when I heard Colin had won one,....... no these are blog awards, two of which I'm afraid were awarded last November..( I did do a post all about this at the time but it was very 'linky' and I made a big mess)

So thankyou so much to these three lovely girls who sent me these awards :) and apologies for the .....long wait..........

So here are my seven things about me

* I got married in Doc Martins ( very very pretty silver blue brocade ones to match my dress though)

* When I was sixteen I met Morrissey, I kissed his hand, he threw some flowers at me and he wrote I love you on my autograph

* I always read the last page of a book first......

* Steve Martin once left a message on our answer phone, we wanted to keep it on forever but we had a power cut and it got wiped off

* I can't say the word Copacabana.... (luckily not a word you have to say that much but you'd be surprised how often I find myself 'trying' to say it

* I'm teaching myself how to play the accordion, its not going too well up to now, but I'm hopeful.

* I have a memory like a goldfish...., I can watch a whole film before realising I've seen it before.

I should now pass this on to 7 other lovely blogs but I fear my 'linky mess' may rear its ugly head again... I'm going to say that I think there are lots of wonderful blogs out there, all very worthy of these awards and I thank you all for the lovely comments you leave and the smiles you bring me (hope thats ok)

WOW it really is like the oscars over here today, I just need to get my hands on one of those $75.000 goody bags :)

Have a wonderful week

x x x x x x x x x


  1. I have read many different '7 things' over the past couple of months but I think yours are definitely up there as one of the best (I think you should have a little gold man for them)!
    Oh and yay for Colin!!
    Vivienne x

  2. I like your '7 things' list. I always skip to the end of the book too.

  3. Congratulations on your I just took a peek in your etsy shop because I saw that you had new bags...OH dear I love love them! I can't wait for mine but I am thinking I want one of these now too. Could you email me and send me an image of the one I if I do order one of these new ones of will not be the same colours...I sort of forget the colours in the one i ordered...thanks so so so much. I love your work. Or just tell me the colours....i am so loving that blue one of yours...hope this makes sense. Happy day. oxoxo

  4. Well done on your awards! You never stop surprising me with your facts Jane! Doc Martins? Awesome!

    Lucky you meeting Morrissey, closest i'll ever get is a cd cover!

    Have a super rest of a day!

    Love Vanessa xxxxxxx

  5. You really deserve awards, I do so enjoy visiting your blog =) And your "7-facts-list" was one of the most entertaining I've ever read!! Really made me smile widely =D

  6. my friend....last page of book first???
    Now you've done your 7 things I'll have to do mine! (thanks Sylvie!) and you've set the bar v v high!!! That's gonna keep me awake....fee x
    (fancy a little trip to leons next week?)

  7. Congratulations on your much deserved awards! And I love learning these 7 little things about you Jane. I already know how much I like you…now you are even more endeared to me. :-D

    xoxoxo Helena

  8. Great post, I have the same problem when it comes films. I'm so bad that I forget what I watched the night before.

  9. Brilliant facts!
    I love that you married in Doc Martins.
    I have the same kind of memory as your's. I find it very useful when watching 'who done its' though because I can watch the same film over and over and still be surprised at the end!