Thursday, 21 October 2010

Eiderdowns and Owls

I've been a very busy bee this week and got lots of things finished, photos have been taken, packages posted,beds have been made.....oh ...erm cue......shameless pic of my lovely eiderdown from Folly and Glee

I finished some cushions that have been sitting in my cupboard half made since the summer....

These are for the shop just in case you had images of me balancing on the top like princess and the pea whilst tapping away on the computer....

And I finally managed to take this photo....

I love owls......... he is for the shop too and I'm planning to do a few more of these as they are such fun to do, very me.. no planning or method just get stuck in and see what happens!

I have been to Paperchase again too, on the pretence of buying a birthday card but I just like buying their stickers....

These are fab and even better, when I turned out the lights last night I discovered they glow in the dark :) I just love that squirrel!

Have a great weekend, I know its only thursday but we're nearly there x x x x x


  1. Love the cushions and I adore that owl picture! Will have to keep my eye out for the glow in the dark stickers from Paperchase they look fun :) Sarah

  2. Oooh gorgeous new homemades. Love them - esp the cushions. x

  3. Love the pretty little owl picture! :)
    How great is Paperchase !!!
    Vivienne x

  4. The very fact they glow has sold me. So easily pleased really.


  5. Oh lovely glowing stickers so wonderful, yup I'd be sold as well.

    Lovely eiderdown. :-)

  6. I love your owl. I'm a big fan of Paperchase too and luckily we have a new shop opened locally too!

  7. Great owl :)

    Oh paperchase - sort of shop i can spend hours in. Oddly the boys love it too - they spend ages reading all the silly cards.

  8. So much loveliness in one post! I'm feeling quite jealous.

  9. Your eiderdown is beautiful, don't blame you for showing it off.
    Lovely cushions too, I'm sure they will soon find a new home.

  10. Hey Jane, you have been busy. Your cushions are fab and your owl picture is so cute.
    Looks great in that frame.
    Have a great weekend.

  11. Hello Jane,

    you make very very lovly cushions.
    You are a creating brein.
    the ader post its very lovly to.
    You make sweet bags.

    greatings send you Conny

  12. ahhh, beautiful cushions Jane..and I am loving your eiderdown, funnily enought I have been thinking about buying a quilt for our bed since the weather has got a bit colder - off to check out the link now x