Thursday 27 July 2017

woven mobile diy craft camp part 4

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A classic summer camp craft is the Gods Eye or Ojo de Dios...they look great in bright colours or simple natural tones and you can adapt them to suit your own style. There are lots of tutorials on the Internet for these, if you need more instructions it might be worth looking here as mine are quite basic. Big or small they look great hanging inside or out. This D I Y is for a mobile and you will need:
- wool in your favourite colours
- string
- kebab sticks
- a wooden stick/twig
- scissors

- to make the cross cut the kebab sticks down to shorter lengths, cut 5 pairs (each pair should be the same length) but you can vary the size of each cross. My 5 crosses vary from 15cm to 8cm.Take one pair of sticks and tie a piece of wool around both in the centre, knot tightly. Open the sticks out to form a cross. (pic 1)
- with a new colour, start wrapping the wool around the sticks, you can wind under or over for different effects (pic 2 is over pic 3 is under)when you are happy with the look, tie the ends in a secure knot.You can cover the cut ends with the next layer for a neater look.
- continue with different colours, if you prefer a simpler version just use 1 or 2 colours
- when you get to the last layer wind the wool a few times round each stick to give a neater finish and then knot tightly and cut. (pic 4 /5)
- make 4 more crosses and weave them as above, you can leave gaps between each colours and wind under and over to make them look different.
- when you have made all 5, cut 5 pieces of string in various lengths and tie one end to each gods eye,
tie the other ends to the wooden stick and then cut another piece of string 30 cm long and tie to each end of the stick.

other versions and can use small twigs or lolly sticks and sticks instead of kebab sticks.  You can use fabric strips or add beads or charms ( I had some wooden beads which fitted onto the sticks so I added them)  You can make huge versions with bigger sticks and just hang them individually. They look lovely on a wall in a group and also outside in trees. Perfect for camping holidays or back gardens. Or you can hang them in windows.

have fun and share your photos if you do make some :)
thanks for reading x x