Wednesday 26 July 2017

word banner craft camp part 3

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another d i y today, this time a banner for your wall. Very popular at the moment but here you can make one with your own favourite colours and sayings.
you will need
- a piece of medium weight fabric size approx 40 x 30cm (mine was a brushed craft cotton)
- felt in various colours
- scissors
- wooden stick measuring 30cm in length
- wool
- string
- needle/thread
- glue gun / or PVA glue
- pom pom maker (optional)
- sewing machine (optional)
- Cut the fabric in to a rectangle measuring 40cm  x 26cm, with the shorter length as the width cut a point in to the bottom hem. choose your words and count out the letters, short words work best, 2-3 lines max. cut out different coloured squares to match the amount of letters, (pic 2)this helps to keep them all the same size, next cut out each letter of your words.(pic 3) They don't have to be super neat and you can leave solid shapes in some letters. Glue the letters on to the fabric banner. 
- Make some tassels by wrapping wool around your hand, (pic 4)cut across the loop to form strips of wool, lay on a flat surface and take a piece of the same wool and tie it in the centre (pic 5) fold the wool in half and then with some more wool wrap around the top to form a tassel tie securely (pic 6)  trim the ends to the same length. Make a few more tassels (pic 7) and if you have a pom pom maker add some pom poms in different colours. If you don't have a gadget to make them you can see a tutorial here
- Fold over the top edge of the banner to make a 4cm hem,  sew a running stitch along the top making sure to leave a big enough gap for the stick to fit through (pic 8) I machine stitched this part as I had my machine there on my table but hand stitching is fine also. Feed the stick through the gap.
- using a needle and thread stitch the pom poms and tassels on to the banner. (pic 9)
- cut a piece of string 30cm long and tie around each end of the wooden stick to make the hanger.

Other ideas, you could use felt for the whole banner, use just one colour for the words. You could make mini versions with initials on or a shape like a star or heart etc. If you don't have felt you can use fabric scraps for the letters or use a patterned fabric for the banner.
Have fun
Thanks for reading x x