Tuesday 14 January 2014

ticking off the to do list...boys room

last week saw me wielding an allen key and a paintbrush and having a much needed clear out...our #1 was brilliant at being ruthless with toys and books and several trips to the charity shop later I could see the floor :)
after a few coats of white paint and another date with another allen key it was almost done...

#1 had a few requests... a blue wardrobe, a black and white quilt and somewhere to keep stuff.
I reused a few bits from around the house...a book shelf was switched for a cupboard...a pendant lamp spayed black...white bedding was hand printed and old suitcases were used as storage for under the bed.
no more dusty books :)

the black and white quilt was a treat for me to make...so different from all the bright colours I normally use...
and to add a bit of colour I made some origami cranes to hang from the ceiling...

and all the new space meant the (biggest slippers I ever had to wrap at christmas) fit perfectly under the bed

I'm hoping it will stay this tidy ;) x