Monday, 10 February 2014

what have I been up to??

some blobs of colour :)
good question!!!

mr and mrs see how to make them here

handmade quilts and blankets

holding it in place with a pop of colour

lego figure storage is a necessity in an 11 year olds room

habitat tommy light is perfect for those late night drawing sessions

handy book shelves :)

love how he loves globes too :)

and love how he still loves this light

playing with hearts

new favourite colours in a new patchwork
 ...the start of this year has seen me flinging lots of paint around, moving lots of furniture and spending a lot of time in B & Q scratching my head...
so rather than another month go by with no blog posts, I thought I would share the stuff I have been getting up to...the boys rooms are now all shiny white and (still) tidy... our #2's room had a mini makeover in the summer when I did this  but I still had to paint the walls and move things around. I made him a new quilt and also bought a large piece of wool fabric and blanket stitched the edges in a blue wool, his bed is so toasty warm now. The larger printers tray was swapped for a smaller one and although I prefer them left unpainted, this one was in bit of a state so it ended up white with a few origami papers on it to hide the really bad bits. 
It feels good to get the house back in some sort of order after the chaos of decorating and to tick off some jobs...there is still more painting to do but that can wait til the Spring. I'm ready to get back in that shed and start making again :)
I have a big pile of lovely fabrics ready to be turned into new patchworks and cushions...I have some new prints ready to be drawn up and sent off to the printers and some new ideas waiting to come to life... 
back soon x x