Friday, 30 November 2012

how to ...little badges....

this little how to is for cute wooden badges..not just for christmas in fact mine aren't chrismassy at all but they would make cute gifts or stocking presents

you will need

small wooden discs ( here )
badge backs ( you can get them on ebay )
wallpaper or wrapping paper
modpodge or pva glue
strong glue for wood/metal
stickers scissors

take your paper and draw around your wooden disc

neatly cut around the shape and glue on to the disc

next take your stickers...(yes I am still using my favourite paperchase ones..I just love them )
put on the sticker and then mod podge or pva over the whole thing...this will make it stick better and also give a nice finish

turn the disc over and glue on the badge back with the strong glue

keep going until you get fed up or in my case 'til your fingers get stuck together because I'm not very patient and can't wait for the glue to dry :)

covering them with modpodge should make them a bit more hard wearing but beware of getting them wet...maybe pop on a cardi or a bag rather than your best coat :)


  1. Great idea ... my boys would love a version of this ... I found some cute boys stickers in Accessorize ... will definitely give them a go ... thanks for sharing ... have a lovely weekend ... Bee xx

  2. I love your Jolly Dollies and these are so cute too!
    Rachel x

  3. Superb idea!
    we are doing something similar 'boy style' with some old lego bricks and adding to beany hats!
    Thanks for sharing
    Daisy x

  4. Magnifique idée !!!
    Bravo !!!

  5. My little girl would love to makes these! Those stickers are simply gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  6. ...what a darling idea....i often find stickers i can't bear to give away...this is a brilliant alternative....thanks for sharing x

  7. Once again these are so adorable....cute cute cute......

  8. So adorable! Thanks for sharing! xo Heather

  9. Now these are just darling!!!! I am loving this you got me thinking and wanting to add another project to my endless list! Hugs to you. xo

  10. Hi dear Jane, I haven't visited in so long, I have missed you! I love your darling badges and the jolly dollies in the previous post! Both are so sweet! Thank you for sharing the how~to's! Love, Paula xoxo