Friday, 4 May 2012

a post about not posting.....

...I know I have been neglecting this blog recently....but I have been a busy bee in my little shed in the garden...when the sun was shining.....when the rain was lashing....when the moon came out. I was hidden away with just my radio, my sewing machine and occasionally a small dog.. when the fancy took him.....I'll be back properly soon ..

have a lovely weekend 
x x x x x x x x x x 


  1. beautiful picture jane , come back soon !!! xxx

  2. We'll be wait you and your great photos in here:)

  3. I am looking forward for your pictures from your shed. Enjoy your time in it, to make it beautiful.
    With love, Herma

  4. ...did you neglect to say 'and playing on a train game on the ipad'???
    Tee hee.
    have a lovely weekend my friend.
    fee x

  5. Sounds like you have been busy, but a great place to work :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Hello sweet Jane, I love your gorgeous photo of all your pretty handmades!!! I am glad you have enjoyed being in your lovely shed! I look forward to your next post! Love, Paula xo

  7. Enjoy yourself were not going anywhere.....I have been so busy also its hard to take the time to sit down at the computer.....have fun!

  8. Lovely photo. Hope to see you back soon! Love Katie xx

  9. busy for a very pretty result ... worthy so ! these intricated questions of balance and choices to make between what to do first ! we can read a lot of posts about this on many crafty and nice blogs ... it's very interesting and very relevant to me. it makes me feel less alone in the storm.
    i like your blog a lot and often come here for sunny and colorful little trips.

  10. Happy weekend to you and yours too -three days yippee!

  11. Wonderful photo!!! Don't stay away for too long!

  12. I think you've been a busy little bee making glorious lovely things!

  13. Hi, just discovered your blog, and how lovely it is too.

    Always love it when I find a lovely new creative blogger, nice to meet you.

    Fleur xx

  14. teehee! we all seem to feel guilty about not posting on our blogs. I am a bad blogger, just posted something decent today and it was my first real post in 2 months. our lives are so busy, we can understand you doing the samething. besides, if i had a nice shed like yours, i would probably spend my days and night in there too ! Enjoy your creative days Jane!

  15. What a happy sweet world you have my friend.
    I got the pillow cover...pure joy! Thanks once again. xoxoxo

  16. Enjoy yourself, enjoy summer while its here...winter will keep us busy indoors soon enough!
    Chris :o)

  17. Its been lovely catching up on your beautiful blog. I am intrigued by your crafty potting shed and am anxiously awaiting your post about it. Happy weekend to you!