Monday, 16 April 2012

more things to do with vintage wallpapers...

......a little spring break crafting has taken place..I spotted this lovely shelf over at cox and cox but also noting it was a little bit big (both in size and price) I searched and searched, then a lovely friend told me about this site off I go with my white paint

yes I did paint the lamp base while I was at it :)

after a few coats and a tunnocks teacake for 'energy'.... I grabbed my stash of papers.......

......and glue and chopped and measured (kind of) and stuck...until....

I had something resembling this ......

..the perfect home for little stray deer and woodland toadstools :)

....of course once the pva glue was out...then there was no stopping me...

but I'll save that for another day :)

Hope you had a very good easter break, ours was nice..visiting family in Yorkshire, lots of walks, crocheting, picnics, dodging the raindrops and...of course a few hairy moments when boys will be boys and dogs will be dogs, pets get poorly :( and stuff breaks ( just in case that was all sounding a bit too perfect )

x x x x x x x x x


  1. ahhhhhh this is too cute! I absolutely love this!


  2. Woohoo! you're back!
    And how cute is that, i like it!

    Good to hear you enjoyed your break.


  3. So sweet such a good idea!
    Oh lord Tunnocks Teacakes my favourite..

    Take care


  4. The white paint and your sweet papers gave this shelf an adorable look!

    Cute idea!


  5. I love that website.

    Easter was not sounding too perfect at all but it is always good to hear that stuff gets broken in other people's houses too...
    Ps. I think you need more mushrooms for your shelves.

  6. What a cute little shelf. Glad to hear you're not too perfect!!

  7. This is the best thing I have seen today, I have a similar house and wish I had some vintage wallpaper to do the same with. I love how you filled it too.
    Em xx

  8. Absolutely gorgeous.
    Anne xx

  9. What a great idea Jane.......your little 'shelf house' looks soooo sweet.

    Love the toadstools and cute little deer......
    It would make me smile every time I looked at it...

    Sounds like Easter was a real mixed bag of events....hope everyone is OK now.

    Claire :}

  10. Lovely to see you back. Gorgeous home for them. Liz xx

  11. What a fab idea, I wish I had a stash of wallpapers like yours! Maybe I could use bits of fabric instead, I have enough of that! It's just gorgeous, the deer look very happy with their new home! Jenny x

  12. Good morning! (here in Holland it is about 9 o'clock in the morning ;))
    I have seen that you are following my blog :)) Thanks a lot for that!!! I like it!! I think you are a very creative person.. you do make very nice things!! Enjoy!!

  13. Hello there my lovely! Yes it has been a while hasn't it! I am so far behind everything at the moment, but having a bit of a blog break has done me good. Feel like I am out of touch with everyone though, so it's great to have 5 minutes to catch up.

    I love Calico Crafts, it's a good site. Love your version of Cox and Cox's treasures holder, like it far better in fact. It's funny, the boys got some boxes down from the back of their wardrobe yesterday (in search of more lego. Honestly, you'd think there was quite enough already in our house!), but they came across a box, jam packed with Calico Crafts bits. Totally forgotten about it, but it made me want to craft big time. No treasures holder sadly, but some fun stuff to paint and have a play with!

    I hope you are well and had a fab Easter break. Sounds like you did....and boys most definitely will be boys....and dogs will be dogs! ha ha! Would we have it any other way?!!!!

    Take care

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  14. Oooooh!! I've been lusting over that very same unit from Cox & Cox for months!! You are a clever thing :) and I hope you don't mind me blatantly copying you!! Just brilliant!!

    Hope you have a fab crafty week :)

    Jo x x x

  15. Absolutely gorgeous. My daughter has a housey shelfy thing resembling the Cox & Cox one only it's wooden and undecorated and only cost me a quid from a jumble sale. Unfortunately, she won't let me near it to spruce it up - Godammit!

  16. hey 'friend'!
    now have envy (and the very same little house at the back of a cupboard somewhere... will be re-visiting it v soon!)
    Sorry the hols are over...but pleased our boy free cups of tea are very much back on the menu.
    I fear one of your skinny pigs didn't survive?
    Anyway - we can catch up tomorrow. I've missed you - and it's nearly the season for crochet and chips in the park!!!
    fee x

  17. Hello dear Jane! It is lovely to see you back! I love your shelf and the vintage wallpaper you added to it! It is so sweet and is a perfect spot for your darling woodland creatures! I love your girl and can hardly wait to see what you made! I am glad your Easter break was nice! I agree, boys will be boys and dogs will be dogs! :) I hope the doggie is feeling better! xoxo~Paula

  18. Hello dear Jane! It is lovely to see you back! I love your shelf and the vintage wallpaper you added to it! It is so sweet and is a perfect spot for your darling woodland creatures! I love your girl and can hardly wait to see what you made! I am glad your Easter break was nice! I agree, boys will be boys and dogs will be dogs! :) I hope the doggie is feeling better! xoxo~Paula

  19. Your little house is so adorable! I love what you chose to display in it as well. I made a Christmas advent calendar with one of these little curio shadowboxes. They look so cute all painted up and lined with scrapbook paper. If you want to see mine it's here

    Hope you have a gorgeous day.


  20. Adorable! And thanks for the tip about that shop - it looks like a real treasure trove.. Of course now I want a Tunnock's teacake... yum.

  21. The little house is a delight! I'm going to be shopping at Calico Crafts I think, so many tempting goodies.

  22. I love your posts, such a sweet house x

  23. I LOVE your blog and Etsy shop. This is so cute! I have a printers tray that I have been meaning to do this with, your paper packs are perfect. And I just had to have one of your gorgeous 'vintage sheet' prints - that's so me! (love the Smiths also!) xx

  24. I LOVE it so!!! Very cute - and what amazing 'wallpapers'!!! You're right - just exactly right for deer and toadstools!!! ;-)

  25. Gorgeous little house those papers are wonderful! Sounds like you had a pretty perfect Easter, especially the bit about the sick pets and breakages LOL!

  26. How did I miss this you are the queen of inspiring adorable...I love it.....your right the possibilities are endless! Missed ya Momma!

  27. So cute. You have a beautiful blog. Very inspiring.

  28. Those deers look right at home in their little house!

  29. I love it. Just found your blog for the first time and am thrilled to be your newest follower. Love Katie x

  30. Hi - I love this - I spied Cox and Cox's version and really wanted it. Unfortunately my budget won't stretch - I was wondering would you mind letting me know what the little house is listed under on Calico Crafts - I can't seem to find it! I really want to try this for my little girls room.

    Thanks, Bee x

  31. Hi Jane

    Thanks a million for that - I was looking under woodcraft and didn't even notice the chipboard heading -
    sometimes I can't see for looking :-)

    Thanks again, Bee x

    PS I am a little unsure about replying to commments left on my blog - if I answer on my blog do you receive it or should I reply on the blog where I orginally left the comment? I am a little perplexed and new to all this!