Friday, 20 April 2012

charlie brown and more toilet rolls.... another week has whizzed by and it's friday again, I've a feeling the weekend is going to be very wet and wild so I'm planning to curl up with some crochet, old films and a pile of vintage Charlie Brown books :)

here's the result of an easter holiday afternoon with glue, toilet roll and scraps of paper and fabric....
(my best kind of afternoon )

.....Petal now has her very own little cabin of vintage patterns :)

....although I worry that her lack of arms make it impossible to hang out her little basket of vintage sheets...but I can do that for her :)

have a wonderful weekend...

x x x x x x 


  1. She is adorable and I think she does well with her handicap of no!
    I'm so excited to start my weekend off with I'm going to Anchorage the big city with excited! You now you live a one horse town when you get to leave for a day!
    Have a happy Charlie Brown filled week-end, I love him and my kids, none of them ever liked the series!

  2. aahhh Petal is so sweet loving all her fabrics. Have a great weekend, dee x

  3. Oh Jane, Petal is lovely in her own
    crafty shed :-)
    Enjoy your weekend, have a good time!


  4. She's gorgeous, as is her little basket of fabrics! :-)
    Happy weekend to you!

  5. Petal is very sweet. Hope you enjoy your time with CB.


  6. Dear Jane! I hope you enjoy your weekend! Your plans sound wonderful and cosy! Petal is adorable and I love her beautiful cabin! The fabrics are so pretty and the little basket is sweet! Oh, love the bunting in the background too! You think of everything! xo~Paula

  7. Arms. Over-rated in loo roll ladies, I think...

  8. What lovely pictures ,petal is so sweet in her little place and that bunting is adorable

  9. Your lovely posts always make me smile :) Maggie xx

  10. Hi there,
    Your weekend sounds perfect curling up with some crochet (my fav craft ever!) and some vintage charlie brown books.
    Have fun, I always enjoy your blogs :)
    kate at CreativeWorld blog :)

  11. aw, beautiful Petal, surrounded by loveliness. Liz xx

  12. Petal looks adorable in her little cabin of loveliness!

  13. Petal Power!
    Can't wait til Friday.....will we be eating cake??
    X x x

  14. I love all the bright colors you use! Visit my blog and you'll see why:) I love to sew and craft and I'm having a Tooth Fairy Pillow drawing Wed. come and join my blog at

  15. You're very talented with a loo roll and glue. Love what you come up with Jane. Hope you had that perfect sounding weekend and got cosy and crafty.

    Lisa X

  16. This Doll is cute! :) Nice creative idea!!!

  17. She is so sweet, what a lovely little character.
    Carol xx