Monday, 23 January 2012



I'm not sure I could ever be a minimalist.. although I think the 3 males I share the house with probably wish I could :)

 there is just something really lovely about patterns...

and when you can't make your mind up you can choose them rules

 you can find them in old books.......

or fabric

what's making you smile today?

x x x x x x x 


  1. You are! Loving your patterns, especially the random ones in the bedroom, brilliant! ♥

  2. Lets go for pretty patterns and mix&match! i loooove it too!

    What makes me smile?
    The sun shining after four dark grey rainy days, a bit of quality time with my youngest Girl because her sisters are at school (and stayed there for lunch too) and
    reading pretty posts like
    yours ;-) with a cup of coffee...


  3. many years I didn't like flower prints like this but now couple of years... just loving them!

    Today my little girl is making me smile with jumping around with her new "bunny hat":D

  4. Like your philosophy about enjoying them all. I can NEVER commit to one thing. You make it all work nicely. Your work and blog are super cute!

  5. Love the patterns totally made me smile! x

  6. Your post makes me smile! I love the different wallpapers.

  7. You made me smile! I love your patterns, and I recognised one or two from bits and pieces I have too - not least the 2 mugs in the first pic (the blue one I am drinking out of as I type!). X

  8. I simply love patterns like these too! And oh horror, I just realize that when I'm going to live together with my bf in due time, I won't be able to get such a beautiful wall; too chaotic, his poor head would become crazy xD (unfortunately, with his asperger he has a good reason to keep me from such things - he's lucky that I love him so much that I'll listen =P )

  9. Lovely patterns! You always make them look so lovely :) I'm smiling today as it seems the fabric I needed for an order hasn't sold out after all!
    If you get a min please take a look at my new blog
    Thanks, Maggie xx

  10. Oooooooohhhhhhhh you've just put a big smile on my face! Ahhhhhh, always so gorgeous and uplifting when I pop over here Jane! Bright and sunshiny and I don't want to leave. I might just have to grab a hot drink and come back and sit here and have a stare for a while, just to fill me up to make it last the rest of the day! Yeap, i'm a loon! ha ha!

    take care my lovely


  11. oohhh you have just made me smile with all your gorgeous patterns. I have those 60's flower glasses in the first photo all 6;-)) But o my i love the blue canisters next to them. And your vintage wallpaper oohhh thats all gorgeous how unique to have so many different ones together but they really work well. Gorgeous post. dee xx

  12. What a fantastic wall - beats all the 'feature walls' in magazines hands down with their horrible metallic flowers, blurrrgh! Yours is great and looks fab with the cushions.
    What's making me smile? My fabby 'new' 25 year old car I picked up yesterday and am waiting for the rain to stop so I can photograph and blog him/her (not decided yet!).

  13. These beautiful photos made me smile! I, too, like lots of different patterns. I don't feel like limiting myself to a certain pattern or color scheme. If I like it, I'll find some way to make it work!

  14. i love all your patterns..they are so individualistic..i adore playing with fabric and rearranging things around my house..things bought for next to nothing from op shops (charity shops)..

  15. I found a chocolate orange that hadn't been eaten from Christmas...that made me smile outloud.
    I shared (a little) with the boys...which makes me feel (a little) better about polishing it off!
    Time for tea this week??
    fee x
    I DO so approve of your new blog look.
    Hope you're smiling!!!

  16. What's making me smile? Lovely blog posts like this one, love your patterns.
    Also being able to comment on blogs I follow, I hate to "read and run" and anyway, I'm such a chatterer!
    Carol xx

  17. Oh my, so gorgeous paterns! All! I love your pictures.
    My last vintage findings for our vintage trailer makes me smile today! I'm so happy to got them. You can see them on my actually blog post...
    Have a great day!

  18. WOW this blog post is making me smile right now :)
    What a fab idea .. looks beautiful too.
    Have a great day :)
    Mantha xx

  19. I am appreciating the 'NO RULES' approach to design. I wish I could be just as brave with my wardrobe :) p.s thanks for your tips on the illustrations x

  20. I just love your bedroom wall so pretty x

  21. hi there! i just flew in from bluebird notes and i just adore your blog!!! between the pictures on bluebird and yours...that made me smile for sure! grinning from ear to ear!!! i am now your newest follower! see you later...hugs!

  22. Oh Jane you and I are pot and kettle I could never be a minimalist either....and I know my three men would want this also but thank goodness for Mimi she's on my side! Your home to me is super dreamy how did I miss this yummy post yesterday....until your next!

  23. Looks like we have a lot in common. Kitsch and colours just to mention two...
    Will be back!
    Greetings fom Denmark //Lisbet

  24. Your kinda decorating is my kinda decorating sweet friend. xoxoxo Hugs to you.

  25. All these patterns are making me smile a lot! I also couldn't be a minimalist. I occasionally have notions of it but ultimately I love colour and pattern way too much. By the way I think I have the same ceramic jars as you (first pic) but mine are pink and red. I keep brooches and bracelets in mine :)

  26. What gorgeous pics!! Oddly I was sitting on the loo looking at our odd mish mash of v boring but clashing towels thinking I wonder if you can get flowery ones - that would be so nice. I shall have to hunt and put the others in a trunk to make something out of. One day :)