Thursday, 19 January 2012

new look...

.......all change over here again, I have been doodling this girl for a while now, I called her petal because it's such a lovely word....

wise old owl
and cheeky lion :)

I hear that snow is on its way so am picking up the hook in readiness to finish off another blanket :)

Have a lovely weekend 
x x x x x

little pics available here


  1. Oooh love your choice of fabrics for Hoot, s/he's great!

  2. Oooooh it looks great!!
    I like Petal a lot, she's cute...the owl and the lion are too.

    well done Jane!

    ps your new bags are beautiful!

  3. You nearly needed to do a bag check when I left today - 'petal' had my name written all over her!!! (I stopped myself when you said you hadn't taken any photos...knew you'd notice she'd gone!)

    LOVE your new work, natch. And liking the feel of this new banner etc (revision timetable for sure!)

    Looking forward to sunday...NOOOOoooo to snow!
    fee x

  4. Really lovely new look Jane, also saw your tutorial in Mollie Makes too! Your new pictures are fab, I think 'hoot' is my fav :)

    Take care

  5. Hi Jane, it looks utterly fresh & divine! Happy 2012 :)

  6. Jane I adore your new look Momma....these are so cute! Petal and Hoot are my favorites just when I think you can't top something you do it!!! and in a big way!

  7. I am loving your new designs,can I ask what you used to design the illustrations? I have lots of my own which I need to edit, but I don't know where to begin.
    And as for the snow...nooooooo! although my girls will be pleased.

  8. Petal has completely stolen my heart. LOVE HER TO BITS!

    Loving the new look for Teawagon Tales and loved your Mollie Makes tutorial too!

    Have a super weekend..........xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Am liking Petal lots - look forward to seeing more of her.

  10. I love her.. your PETAL!!
    With love, Herma

  11. Jane - really like the new look to your blog, very fresh and easy on the eye. Still waiting for snow here too - can't believe it's nearly the end of january and not a flake has really fallen all Winter! x

  12. Your lion is perfect. Made me think of Parsley the Lion straight off, I adored him when I was wee aswell as the Hair Bear Bunch.

    All looking good Jane.

    Have a great week.