Monday, 30 January 2012

all is quiet...........

Monday morning.......(the sun is shining and the house is so quiet........ apart from the odd snore from Arnie and the strange noises coming from above where Mr H is attempting to insulate the loft.....)

fab 'teashed' tea

.....doing a bit of research for something I am working on... I came across the*teashed  if you like tea you will love this site :) I love the name too x

..............and trying to bring 'Petal' to life....:)

Happy Monday 

x x x x x x x  

ps....I feel a little giveaway is on its way to bring on the spring and sunshine, keep watching x x x 


  1. can't wait to see petal in her full glory :o)
    I bought some lovely teapigs green tea yesterday...sipping it right now!
    have a lovely week
    love jooles x

  2. Gorgeous eye candy as ever, where did you get the "foster the people" (is it tea?) It looks great and is our surname - I want one too! x

  3. still have serious shed envy, enjoy your time to yourself. Mwah!

  4. lovely pictures :)! Looks like a great monday-morning :)! Here in Holland it's really cold and snowy, I'm really wishing it would become spring!

  5. I love your new look! My latest blog post is all about my Mum's vintage Stitchcraft magazines - very retro patterns and fashion - please take a peek - I think you might like it :) Maggie xx

  6. Oh she is so cute....miss petal.......I love your bunny house is not quiet the boys are discussing who has the worst breath.......and the princess is sleeping and the Mr. is trying to start the just won't warm up below zero again.....have a wonderful week Jane!

  7. Your space looks like a happy place this morning. I envy your sunshine and brightness!

  8. You always know how to perk me up! Oh My Giddy Aunt....shall have to check out the TeaShed, looks like a site I could spend a lot of time (and money!) at!

    Loving....just LOVING Petal!

    Have a super rest of a day!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxx

  9. ahh, all sounds lovely - downloaded 'Foster the people' at Christmas myself and am enjoying the album - hope the sun continues to shine this week (cold and dreich up here!) xx

  10. ooohhhh im loving that vintage wallpaper and those blue and lime green canisters are gorgeous. What lovely colours today. Enjoy your week. dee x

  11. WHat great tea cannisters. Hope the loft insulating is progressing well - I bet a lot of tea needs to be drunk to see that completed:)

  12. That sunshine looks like the right start to the day Jane. All murky and snowy stuff here. I nearly bought the same rabbit on Saturday, but left it as a treat for another day.

    Love the yellow checks and petal all really uplifting.


  13. Love a bright and sunny morning, especially on a monday, love all your gorgeous things!

    Take care


  14. The sun always seems to be shining over at your place, that's why I like to visit so much!

  15. Thanks for the heads-up on Teashed
    Lovely colours and photos!