Monday, 5 December 2011

holiday how - to #3 hanging owlies

 cute little felt owls for hangin' on your tree or anywhere and the best bit is... like dogs they are not just for Christmas:)

to make a few of these you will need

* felt in several colours
*embroidery threads in a few nice colours
*stuffing (you can use scraps of fabric to stuff or you could do what I do which is to secretly attack the nearest cushion and pinch a bit of stuffing)...

use this pattern as a guide to cut out the owls, you will need 2 of each shape (except the beak) for each owl

- sew all the features onto the top body piece - eyes ...beak...wings with your favourite stitch or stitches if like me you have a few :)

-take the back body piece and start to sew the back and front together using blanket stitch

-sew in the ribbon loop as you go along the top in between the ears, make sure its well sewn in

- when you get to the bottom, leave a gap and push in a little stuffing, not too much just enough to give a rounded shape and then continue to blanket stitch 'till it is all sewn up

- add the button
I have made these for little Christmas presents, so I have packed them up in a bag with a bit of vintage wallpaper,
my boys (10 and 9 ) have had a go at these and they have managed pretty well with simpler stitches so it could be a good little crafty afternoon activity and you can resort to glue as I did if the stitching gets a  bit much.

I have drifted from my path of be 'prepared for christmas' by distractions of an impending school trip and horrible surgery on a tooth -  stitches and a face like a hamster aren't my favourite look for the holiday season, but eating only mash potato and ice cream made it bearable :)

Happy Monday 

x x x x x x x 

p.s I got a bit carried away and made a few too many owls, so have popped a couple in the shop :)


  1. Oh my, Jane, you did a lot of work making those cute owls!
    I like the way you wrapped them, very nice!.
    You have inspired me...i have to wrap up fabric and felt hearthangers for a Christmasmarket and i ordered a lot of those plastic bags you've used. I like that piece of (vintage) paper in it, makes it a bit more special...
    So...thanks for sharing this idea, i'm gonna use it! xxx

  2. These are just the cutest ever...must give them a try!
    because I could hand sew them right?
    I can imagine an entire tree of these!

  3. Owwwww I love those owls.
    How funny .... I just procduced 3 owls myself today (crochet) an published them on my blog hihihihihi

    I am going you give these owls a try!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I hope to give them a go one-day.

  5. These are adorable, and I just love the wrapping as well!
    Hope the pain from the surgery gets better soon

  6. I've been felt-present-making these last few weeks but none of mine look nearly as good as yours. Thankfully all mine are for under tens so I hope they won't notice any dodgy stitching or wonky cutting! Ax

  7. too cute - although I'm still avoiding felt for fear of addiciton!
    I'm all over Christmas...Ho Ho Ho'd out!
    lets plan a night of snowballs with umbrellas soon?
    off to find the dreaded list for said school trip...fee x
    (sorry to hear your tooth is trouble again, hope the boys are all looking after you)

  8. These are just wonderful, owls just have something about them that makes them so appealling.
    Carol xx

  9. Completely sympathise with the tooth problem dear Jane. We were having a long old chat yesterday about how our 40's seem to be the decade our teeth give up on us and our limbs ache so we go ooohhhh every time we move. 50's we'll be examining food suspiciously as being in the camp of either stuff that agrees or disagrees with us and our new big shiny teeth. Wondering which decade it is when we make a fffttt noise when we stand up and don't notice it or really care anymore? Hope I haven't made you laugh as you'll probably be dribbling that mashy potato down your jammies and that's no good. Take care and keep on with your lovely crafty ideas.

    Lisa x

  10. sweet, sweet little owls! Thanks for a brilliant tute!

  11. Ohh they look fantastic! I love them...

  12. aahh those are adorable ;-)) thanks for sharing that, dee x

  13. They are so cute, they will look adorable on a Christmas tree!


  14. beautiful, colourful owlies, love them x

  15. Those owls are adorable!

    Mashed potato and ice cream eh?
    I prefer gravy on mine!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely project... I have just made one for my daughter who had a fantastic report and is therefore getting a 'well done for being wise and clever owl' when I pick her up... I love them so much they even bumped the vintage style baubles in the 'to be made' queue...

  17. Your owls are gorgeous!

    I can remember having a tooth abcess two Christmases ago, boxing da I was in the emergency dentist, but I can tell you I thought the dentist was an angel I was in sooo much pain. Just aswell to get things sorted now, hope you are already feeling back to normal. Everything rather mounts up this time of year doesn't it? I do wish I could grab back a week, but hey-ho I will surely get there in the end!

  18. what a wonderful blog!
    i've added you to mine!