Thursday, 1 December 2011

holiday how - to #2 tags and labels..... prepared is my motto for christmas this year so here is a quick.. how to get organised in the wrapping department :)
you will need..

*white card
*hole punch
*ink pad
*any christmas stamps

you just need to cut the card up into small rectangles to be folded in half for little gift tags,
long rectangles with holes punched in the end for swing tags,
A5 card size pieces to be folded in half for little thankyou notes

 any size stickers are good for labelling
just stamp away with your Christmas stamps 'till you are happy

 then just add the twine to your tags if you have made them yourself and you're all set, to wrap,stick,label and thank :)

note - most items were bought from basic stationery shops, the stamps I have collected over the years but etsy and ebay are great for these and the fab Thankyou stamp was from paperchase £2.50

 Happy 1st of December to you, we have had to have a star wars Lego advent calendar this year which is most un-christmassy so after losing our usual pocket one I ran this one up last night...using an old pillowcase and some strips of fabric, there were a few mistakes along the way like not putting enough pockets on!! but it all came right in the end!

hope you're having a happy advent day :)

x x x x x x 


  1. Oh Jane, i really like your stamped cards and labels, it's so much fun to do!
    Your got some really beatiful stamps...

    This year i was to late with making a advent calendar, when i see your pretty one i really regret that...i'm definately gonna make one next year, it's so nice!


  2. What a lovely post! You made me feel as if the Christmas wrapping would be easy... I'm off to look for stamps....Thanks Jane. Oh...and I will be posting a link to your crochet blankets post on my blog, so gorgeous! :)x

  3. Hi Jane, love the red and white, truly Christmassy. I've started my wrapping, it certainly doesn't look as nice and co-ordinated as yours but you've given me some ideas for next year, thank you.
    The new Advent calendar looks so nice too.
    I've having my first 'Giveaway' for the Christmas issue of Mollie Makes and a handmade brooch, hope you'll pop over and take part.
    Carol xx

  4. gorgeous ideas, love them! So glad to have come across your blog. Catherine x

  5. Just ran it up last night - you clever old thing. Looks great. Really love your tips - given me that needed push to spend pennies on the alphabet stamps I've lusted after for a couple of months.


  6. Great your little dear always makes me smile when one comes in the mail to me on one of your tags. Happy creating dear one.

  7. great idea, they look great..I on the other hand am completely unprepared

  8. Gosh, they are all so lovely..

  9. Jane, I love your cards.....and your advent hanging! Your so creative!