Friday, 16 December 2011

derek's dreamin' of a white christmas.......


well....the big day is looming and despite attempts to be a very organised elf this year, a few things are still to be done...but no worries, only I will notice if they're not ready in time :)

the trees are up and the house is feeling festive.....

....a little dusting of snow helped with that this morning,

Derek has gone white for christmas...I couldn't help it... I was painting the table and looked up...suddenly I was attacking his antlers and there was no going back :) I think he suits it.... 

so....we are looking forward to some family time, relaxing, catching up with friends, drinking snowballs....might even be able to sneak off to the shed for a bit of calm and some crafting. I have been drawing a lot lately and I'm hoping to combine that with my love of illustration, I have a lovely little stash of fabrics ready to be turned into new bags,cushions and bundles :) so I'm looking forward to a busy 2012 :)

that just leaves me to wish you a very...

 and a wonderful...happy new year.....hope you get all you wish for :)

x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 


  1. Have a fabulous Xmas. Oh, and you're right, Derek looks wonderful in white.

  2. A Merry Christmas to you too - hope its a good one. Also hoping Derek has a good time too ;)

  3. Ha ha... poor Derek getting a coat of cold white paint! However, I'm sure he is grateful now because he does look rather gorgeous! I love your little tree too. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too...and I'm look forward to seeing all the new things you create in 2012 :)x

  4. Your home is filled with the Holiday cheer love all your decorations....yesterday was the kids last day at school and we are looking forward to having fun, maybe some sledding today!

  5. we're finally doing our decs tomorrow, yours look lovely. Have a smashing Christmas. x

  6. I like Derek being white! with those cute garlands around his antlers...
    Wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas dear Jane, have fun and enjoy!!...
    I'm looking forward to your new fabric stuff and your drawings ;-)

    See you in 2012!
    lots of lovexx

  7. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
    Carol xx

  8. What lovely christmassy home, I just love it!

    Have a lovely weekend


  9. ...and a very Merry Christmas to you too. Ax

  10. Merry Christmas Jane, and Happy New Year!

  11. Such pretty joys around your home...sending you lots of love for a wonderful Christmas. xoxoxo

  12. Oh my giddy aunt, you're in Molly Makes! Well done! The article is great.
    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas! Love to you and the family.

  13. You too Jane! A Very Merry Christmas!!! XO Helena

  14. oooh just flicked through my Mollie Makes and there you are on the last page! A lovely little article and I showed it to hubby saying I want my own pretty potting shed! lol

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and looking forward to reading all about your new creations next year!


  15. Hi Jane, just read about your fab workroom is Mollie Makes and I am now your latest follower - in a non-stalking way of course! lol!

  16. Your lovely post is making me feel quite festive. Today I put up my door wreath............well it's a start!

  17. wow!! your place is all festive, I love it!! merry christmas to you jane! and a happy 2012!

    Lauren :)

  18. Do you think my lot will notice if I don't bother getting any food, drink and sweeties in? How I hate the supermarket.

    Sounds like you're all sorted Jane, love that Derek needed a new look.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and shiny new year.

    Lisa X

  19. just found you via mollie makes and am soooo in love with your shed! Does it get cold and do your lovely things get damp? Our shed seems to send everything mouldy and don't want my pretty things going that way! x

  20. Your decorations are very festive,have a lovely christmas xx

  21. Hope your Christmas was MERRY AND BRIGHT dear one. xoxoxo

  22. Derek certainly looks dapper in his new coat!

    Hope you had a great Christmas.