Thursday, 3 November 2011

spring cleaning.............

.....unfortunately not of the home cleaning kind (much to my family's disgust) this is spring cleaning my brain!.....I guess I am not the only one who sometimes gets into such a pickle with everything that it becomes impossible to get anything done...

so....with that I have decided to clear out all the stuff going round and round in my head, that wakes me up in the middle of the night and makes me realise halfway through a conversation that I haven't been listening to a word that's been said.....(this can be quite embarrassing.......)

my keep stash :)

A while ago I mentioned I felt a change was on its way....still not sure what it is yet but I am making a start to find out by having a big clear out....hence the piles of fabric....gulp...

shop stash :)
I am working my way through the stash and trying to only keep the ones I know I will use....I have spent all week chopping and folding and photographing and they will be going in the shop in the next few days :)
I have put some in little bundles as I thought they might be nice little christmas gifts for crafty types.....

and then with a bit more room in the shed..I might find a bit more room in my head........

x x x x 


  1. It must be so hard sorting lovely fabrics, I would be tempted to keep it all!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Oh I am SO with you on the whole head thing! The week is almost at an end and I feel completely in a muddle. I have not caught up with being away, in fact I seem to be worse! There is so much to do that I don't know where to start, and end up not doing anything! Seriously, I need a head sort too.

    Oh I am drooling at your fabric Jane. Such loveliness.....I have such a problem cutting fabric up, I think I need to buy small bundles, that way I think it may get used!

    Have a super rest of a day my lovely!


  3. I'm liking your thinking....the correlation between shed and head....what can I base my scattiness on.....there are soo many things I want to do I'm overwhelmed!

    The problem is with me, I find a space (cupboard/head) then stuff more in!

  4. Been there, done that. In the process of doing it this week as well. I think it's the Christmas season that's starting this ranting and raving and irrational need to know everything in my stash. But on the bright side: after going through my stash, I found the perfect yarn for a gift!

  5. Lovely! So I just bought a bundle : )

  6. Strangely enough I was at a conference yesterday for work, and one of the speakers was talking about how much our subconscious is underutilised.
    He was talking about the exact same thing you said- how often we wake in the morning, or the middle of the night with ideas, and with problems solved.
    Good luck

  7. aaaaaaaaaaaagh! Don't tell me that! I don't need new fabric, but I don't think I can resist...

  8. It does you good to have a good clearout , i often move rooms around and i feel so much beter for doing it ,i dont think i could get rid of any fabrics though especialy the ones you have they are gorgeous ,going to pop over to your shop and have a look now xxx

  9. glad I am not the only one who wakes at night and doesn't focus because of ideas spinning round, this morning had to try something before the children had even gone to school that I'd thought of in the night. Such lovely fabrics going to have a look now. xx

  10. Oh my this sounds lovely...just thinking... do you ever make cloth dinner napkins ....i am looking for some napkins in an assortment of colours and patterns to have on my dinner table{maybe 10 or so}...I love your fabrics...let me know my friend. Oh and I will be looking for the pillows. xoxoxoo I need to make a Christmas list and give it to my daughters ...xoxox Huga.

  11. Oh, I know that feeling Jane. I am the same exact way! I am heading to the shop to check out those delectable fabrics. XO Helena

  12. I know that feeling too! Your fabrics are gorgeous!

  13. This post described me exactly! What lovely fabrics you are parting with - I wish I was on your Christmas list!