Monday, 24 October 2011

half term hi - jinx...... (not as exciting as it sounds)

Another half term is here....I am racking my brains to come up with Autumn crafts that I actually far we have made these little owls.....very easy, just two little stuffed shapes with felt features ( glued on as it all went a bit pear shaped with a needle and thread )

we also hunted out this little make from a few years ago, after spotting a little squirrel home in a tree.......
inspired by Wind in the Willows it was made from a box which we cut a door into and then decorated inside and out....
I think Mr Mole upgraded to a riverside loft when the housing market was good a few years ago so Mrs Deer moved in with her gingham rug and a few good books...

I have plans for this little abode......think...winter grotto
I leave you with our favourite makes from last october holiday.....I can't find the real roll models anywhere I think they have upped and left for a better life (or worse the recycle bin )

Hope you are having a lovely week :)

x x x x x x x 


  1. Really really cute. My dd wants to make an Owl house now and some owls to go in it. What box would be best? A shoebox? Cereal box? xx

  2. Hi Hazel,

    Ours was a fairy light box, anything as long as its quite thick cardboard, as it gets a bit wobbly when you start cutting into it :)
    Have fun x x x x x

  3. Oh how adorable.I love it!Owls are the cutest arent they?

    Blessings for a happy new week!

  4. aaww loving all your makes the owls are adorable love the use of colours and fabrics. Enjoy your week to, dee x

  5. That all looks such fun - can I come & play?

  6. Adorable!!!!
    I want to play too...
    I keep waiting for your cushions to arrive in your store!!! waiting ...waiting...I will be a good girl and be patient! xoxoxoxo

  7. Hi!

    I found your blog today and I absolutely love it. Very cute and inspiring!!

    Hugs from Sweden

  8. I love mole's/deer's house!!!
    Looking forward to seeing it as a winter wonderland!!!
    I think one of the first blogs of yours I read was your toilet paper roll family, and my youngest has had such fun with making her version of our family

  9. I just adore your new items and your little home and those sweet little owls!!!

  10. what a cute little cottage for your little deer! I want to shrink down to a few inches high and live there!

  11. Those owls are soooo cute!

  12. love your little. 'makes', especially the little mole cubby.
    ever so clever.


  13. you are so good! I had loads of crafting plans for our 2 week break and ended up doing nothing! It was far easier to take the boys outside to be 'exercised' - mind you, it's still early in the week!

  14. Accidentally came across your blog and I thought I'd say that your little crafts are wonderful. Love the deer house - it's really cute.

    P.S. For the autumn crafts - you could make some bird houses or bird feeders that you could hang outside on a tree.

  15. Oh my goodness me these are all so lovely and inspiring!! I must make a christmas grotto too...

  16. ooh how I've missed you my friend - been too long! looking forward to a boy free catch up in a couple of sleeps...
    fee x
    lovely owls btw

  17. I love these cute and curious items that you have shared, your house musT be so interesting. I L.O.V.E Mole End, you have inspired me yet again. xxx

  18. Lol, am reading The Wind in the Willows to my son just now so the idea of Mole upgrading to a riverside loft really made me laugh! Lovely creations :-).