Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Meet the Family - spooks

The Toilet Roll family have had a make-over this week, any excuse to dress up is fine by me and even better when all it involves is some small bits of fabric and some plasticine! I've become very attatched to these little cardboard guys, they stand in a row on a shelf in the hall and everytime I run upstairs past them I smile to myself thinking about how they are very quiet, never answer back or bark, never make a mess or smell and are very cheap to keep!

I have to admit its getting harder and harder to make 8 and 9 year old boys sit down and make anything these days but the opportunity to make gory monster type items was too tempting even for them..... and I love the fact that Herman looks less scarey now than he did as himself :)

I also dug out these lanterns from last year, so simple to make from old jam jars and tissue paper, they look fab hanging from trees or in the window at night.
Have a great week x x x x
Also check out these Fab crochet halloween decorations at


  1. Hello Jane, love your spooky Toilet roll peeps, so cute.
    My boys were making lanterns like these yesterday, they had great fun :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. Aww lovely! Me and my munchkins are just off out to stock up on some halloween crafty stuff. I love your glass lanterns - we might have a go!

  3. Love the little spooky family. :)
    Your glass lanterns are brilliant!!
    Vivienne x

  4. Oh my! I love your Halloween family, adorable. I think my fave has to be the wolf.

  5. I can see you will have a wonderful Halloween, the paper roll-family will make sure of it!! =)

  6. Fab halloween family. My 5 yr old and I just made a toilet roll witch today - alas could only find one empty tube because now I want to make a toilet roll mummy!

  7. I love your scary halloween family.

    Don't think my 12 & 14 year olds would be interested in doing that - shame :(

  8. Hi Jane - thanks for the link ♥ Love your glass lanterns, I have had to magically conjure up a lantern tonight for my eldests Cub Scouts halloween party for tomorrow, and thanks to your inspiration and a bit of orange paint I have succeded!!

  9. I didn't think I could love your loo roll lovelies any more than I did, but this lot of scary things are stealing the show at the moment.

    You're not imagining it, I've heard of mischief night, it's always appealed to my naughty Mr Bun who thinks it would liven up our village a lot.


  10. Absolutely wonderful spooky gang. Particularly love the witch.

  11. *runs off to copy the jam jar idea*

    :) x