Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Finding myself........

hiding behind the sewing machine these days..... trying to lose myself in a bit of sewing and making

just so I know I am still me.. :)

unfortunately the sewing machine is still on our kitchen table and the shed is still leaning up against the fence

but I will get there in the end :)....... it hasn't stopped me going outside and doing a little mime of opening the door and going inside to sit down at my (non existant) desk :) :)...saying good morning to deerdre deer and checking out the time on my cardboard clock :)

I'll be adding these to the littleteawagon shelves this week and hopefully someone with a power tool will take pity on me and help me make my shed........

oh yes and I'd like to say a BIG thankyou to Zoe from the makingspot  who has done a little feature on 
Teawagon :) ...if you haven't visited before its a lovely blog filled with lots of crafty inspiration :)...take a peep
x x x x x x x x x x x x x


  1. That feeling you get when you just sew and make things you like to make...just being you...i know how that feels, i try to do that a lot...but sometimes i'm to busy...

    You made some wonderful things whilst finding yourself!...


  2. Your blog and every thing you make is so beautiful. I can just imagine you crouched on your imaginary stool at your imaginary desk, at least it's nice a light out there at the mo!
    jooles x

  3. Love the comment you are still at the kitchen table, I put a table in the front room especially for sewing, trouble is I still keep taking the machine in the kitchen to sew, seems nicer to me, being in the hub of the house doing what you love! ps, it's nearer to the jug for my tea :) love your sewing

  4. Ohh.........to die for!!! I have joined a "Vintage Sheet FQ swap" here in Aussie for the very first time!!! I can't wait to receive a pile of gorgeous new FQ's to go crazy with. Your blog is so inspirational.

  5. oh my goodness, just beautiful! look at those beautiful designs and the fabric...oh the fabric!

  6. I am hiding behind my kitchen-table-sitting-sewing-machine too. But not really getting anywhere except frustrated. New blinds are not being made but random hankies for dollies arre... I can't wait to see the installed shed. x

  7. I love the idea of your shed mime!

    I seem to recall that it's a good firming exercise for thighs (or bottoms, not quite sure) to sit on a non existent chair for a while!

  8. you are most definitely still you my lovely friend. next time I'm round we can mime having a cup of tea in the shed if it's still not built.
    love how you've already decorated it before it's built!
    see you later for chips and crochet - doesn't get any better than that!!!
    fee x
    off to see that other blog - a new one...oh goody!

  9. im trying to do the same thing! Lots of cutting involved. I have a vintage saucepan full of scraps I want to make use of but i need to shoot the pan first ^_^

  10. As soon as I finish with this painting and construction I'm going shopping on your site I'm dreaming of this reward!!

  11. Love your creations, they are beautiful!
    Chris :o)

  12. what beautiful work, lovely! bee x