Thursday, 23 June 2011

Show and tell........

Once upon a time a sad little dark brown and (a little bit stinky) cupboard came home with sat for many weeks unpainted and unloved..then the other week when the sun was shining I whipped it outside, popped on my painting hat ( I always get paint in my hair!) and gave it a little makeover, all shiny and white inside and out and with pretty flower sticky back plasticky stuff......then I popped her back inside and gave her the job of looking after all our #1's and#2's DVDs...hurrah job done!!! and I even have space to display some of my little vintage bits...all for £5...bargain

I won't mention that the boys can't actually open the doors to get to their DVDs because I was so happy with the result I shut them too quickly and now they are stuck.......ahem...
I was supposed to be making bags today...

But this little bundle kept calling to I finished this to follow.......

Have a lovely weekend...sorry I know its only Thursday but it feels like Friday and I never know what day it is anyway :)


  1. Evening. Love the sticky door cupboard. And I'm intrigued to see what the bundle was calling. Happy weekend to you too- is it not Friday already??? Ax

  2. I love a little furniture makeover.
    You've inspired me to dig out the horrid brown tables from the garage (originally found in a skip) and transform them into objects of loveliness.

  3. Aw, it is all so sweet! Such pretty colours! :)

  4. The cupboard looks lovely, shame about the doors!

    Can't wait to see what becomes of the bundle.

  5. Hey there Jane, nice to 'meet' you! ;-) I love all your stuff, reminds me a bit of Tif from Dottie Angel. She actually lives only 20 minutes away from me and it is always so much fun to visit and hear some Brit-speak. :-)
    I love that sticky back plasticky stuff as you call it!
    Marjan/ Seattle

  6. Love it...happy weekend...enjoy!

    Oh and I am loving my cushions...pure joy...thanks once again. We are moving into a new home in July...they will look stunning.


  7. Look at the sweet little home it has turned out so cute!
    that fan is darling!

  8. Ah now a cupboard with doors that don't open sounds like quite a good solution if you wanted to store something that you didn't want littlies to get at ;-)

  9. It's all fresh and new again, I love it....and you ended up outsmarting the boys! So funny!! I'm sure they will figure it out!
    Have a great weekend!
    Chris :o)

  10. Great little maskeover! I love your yellow fan.

  11. It looks gorgeous!Thank you for the info on the Potato plant, I looked it up and it looks very pretty!
    Must find me one of those!
    Can't wait to see what you've been up to!
    Have a great weekend!
    Rachel x

  12. cute my friend, cute.
    It's the weekend - (yep, friday!) hooray! and the sun is going to shine, even in manchester (sunday at least!) Will miss you tomorrow night...
    fee x

  13. Lovely blog you have!! We are going to follow you... Happy Weekend!!


  14. omg i love that fan! I need to find a pretty one for my house. maybe a quieter one too haha! I have mine on every night cuz it helps with my insomnia but it drives my bf insane and freezes the cat :P

  15. Oh it's perfect and I love your fan! Fliss xxx

  16. I was convinced it was Wednesday on Tuesday last week. I was all prepared for the Wednesday horror of swimming lessons, it felt like a reprieve!

    I have one of those cupboards waiting in the wings, and a chest of drawers, and a stool. The sun is shining so I could paint them today...but then again you'll really got to be in the mood dontcha think? I think a little crochet action is needed instead.

    Looking forward to seeing what you made instead of bags.