Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Climbing back on the wagon........

...when technology lets you down and your sewing machine plays up and the car makes funny noises and blogger starts behaving like a naughty two year old and its all a bit *bobbins*... the best thing you can do is bury your head in a pile of lovely colours and hopefully when you pop your head out again after a week or so..it all sorts itself out :-) and you might have a nice blanket to show for your troubles

Yesterday... the other Jane and I had a lovely little day trip to my home town Leeds, I'd forgotten how much I love that city, even though it's only and hour away I don't get back that often, we had such a nice day and came home with little bags bursting with ribbons,wool,fabrics, treats for the boys and Arnie and big smiles on our faces :-)

This is one of my favourite sights,the Ivanhoe clock in a sweet Victorian arcade...we stood and watched it chime on the hour many times when I was a little girl (I don't think I noticed back then how short the mens 'skirts' were!)

So hopefully I'm back on the wagon now and looking forward to catching up with you all :-)

Next week it will be year since I started this blog and littleteawagon so I am planning a little giveaway to celebrate all the bad spelling and punctuation I've notched up :-)

Have a lovely week

x x x x x x x x x

P.S *bobbins* is an excellent word, I think made up in Manchester meaning 'rubbish'.... it's such a great description and I say it often, even when things aren't very *bobbins


  1. What lovely colours in your crochet! We say bobbins too!
    Sally x

  2. Afternoon. Things have been a bit bobbins here of late- not bad bobbins but just a bit, well, bobbins. Pants is a similar expression...

  3. So happy you had a nice "girl's day" and did some shopping! (I am loving those trims and ribbons.) xoxoxo Helena

  4. You my friend are adorable. I love that term "bobbin"....I just think I may have to borrow it from you.
    What a lovely day...a girls day out is just what was needed...I think I need one of those soon. It is funny to think you are so close to Leeds...my daughter visited there many times while she was at school in England. I just picture her looking at that lovely clock too.

    Well must run as my school is starting and I have to switch gears. Hugs for a great evening...xoxox

  5. What fun you had and with a great friend this is bliss shopping I can't wait to see what you create with all this lovely color! and a giveaway can't wait.

  6. Ooooh yummy crochet, gorgeous trims and little men in short skirts! Fab post! Nice to see you back! Always good to have a nice day out with a friend!

    Blogger has been a pain, hope it stays 'well' for a while now!!!!!


  7. Bobbins - yes and Minging too lol. Love your colourful post. x

  8. what beautiful crochet and i love your new trims :o)
    i have never heard the term 'bobbins' but i love it!
    j x

  9. Yep bobbins is a great word, it's used frequently in our house.
    I'm loving the pom pom trim, I could do with a roll of that myself.

  10. I'm glad you're back - your shopping trip to Leeds sounds wonderful...we also say 'bobbins' - such a great description!

  11. Bobbins is the word I mean to use when b#*ll#%+ks pops out!!!
    have walked through that arcade many a time (when I had a proper job!) and NEVER noticed that clock. Probably too busy to look around me..not any more! Yonks since I've been to leeds - must make a trip soon.
    Speaking of girls days out - could you squeeze in another before the boys break up?
    fee ♥

  12. Bobbins - love it. I shall try to use it and will no doubt get some funny looks. Seems like you had a lovely day out - works wonders. Liz xxx

  13. That crochet is beautiful, Jane. I could have met you in Leeds! I'm only 30 minutes away! xx

  14. Had palpitations at the gorgeous trims Jane. Somehow I don't pick up half the pics on other peoples blogs so I'm thinking what crochet, I want to see it and I can't. Can I try out bobbins as I think my blog is the only place I use nice words, so it might be a good standby when the urge for bad words beckons?


  15. You made me laugh when you mentioned those short skirts!!! So funny!
    Have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  16. oooh lovely pom pom trim and gorgeous crochet x

  17. Bobbins is a great exclamation. It rates right along side pants in my book.

  18. Well I never men in short skirts on a clock in broad daylight!!!

    Bobbin's. Excellent! Goes well with my word Boggarts which works beautifully when you need a shouty word. It's my gift to you, use it freely (I say that because I am nicking Bobbins for sure)


  19. Bobbins i love it ;-)) Lovely blanket gorgeous colors. Have fun, dee x

  20. I love the colours of your crochet.
    I've never heard bobbins before, but must remember to use it.

  21. That sounds like a wonderful little trip with a pal and buying gorgeous bits and bobs!
    I love bobbing back to Birmingham, my hometown, for vists to the Bull Ring and the Rag market!
    Love the cute trims!
    Bow larks is my word, bit naughty I know but I say it like I've spelt it and it's usually when I've pricked my finger, yet again!!
    Rachel x

  22. Yes I agree that when technology plays up on us the answer is to craft, craft, craft!
    That clock is gorgeous too!
    lovely post
    Kate :)

  23. Hello, first time visiting your blog, saw you on Apples and Pears. I too live near Leeds. Nice colors with the trims and blanket.:)

  24. 'Bobbins' I loooooove it, everything is going to be 'bobbins' from now on. Well, hopefully it won't be bobbins but you know what I mean...........

    Blogger has been misbehaving I hope it has sorted itself out now Jane, it can be very frustrasting.

    Sounds like you had a lovely day in Leeds, have visited it once whilst on hols abroad and had the pleasure of strolling down that lovely arcade.
    Happy memories..............

    Sweet Birdy Love :}