Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Entertain me............

There has to be a good reason to make me get up at 7am on a cold wet sunday morning....but heres a couple.....

....of cute things found at a car boot sale last weekend. As its school holidays here...day 2!! we've already been through the bickering and squabbling that comes with two boys (very close in age) but this game kept us quiet for a bit yesterday, I don't (won't) read game rules so we made up our own .....

Well it kept me entertained for a while anyway :)

Happy Tuesday x x x x x x


  1. Lucky you - endless days - no clock watching - we don't break up until Friday. Enjoy. x

  2. Blimey....your boys manage to stop the squabbling and bickering and play nicely?..........a real rarity in our house! I am dreading the holidays......liking the bit about not having to be up and out the door early though! Looks like you had a laugh with the game! Enjoy the pleasant playtime!!!!!


  3. Great goodies! Mine don't break up till Friday and like you have 2 boys close in age so I'll look forward to the arguments next week!

  4. a few cool finds
    are guaranteed to perk
    a gal up on a rainy sunday
    happy holidays
    (i love your glowing nuclear bunny)


  5. These are so adorable and the little tin lunch pail...how come the illustrations back then had so much more details!

  6. So darling...those little cards would be adorable framed somehow. Enjoy your time together..sending you sunny days so you can get those boys outside! Hugs. xoxo

  7. Roll on Friday and the start of ours hols - over 2 weeks alarm free - bliss.

    Hoping my 2 won't argue too much - else I might just leave home!

    Great game btw.

  8. The cards remind me of those books we used to get where the heads, bodies and legs could be mixed up. I used to love those. School doesn't break up until the 15th here and I have to say I am, at the moment, looking forward to it.

  9. I love your finds and I would have so much fun playing with these cards. I laughed myself silly at the tops and bottoms you put together.
    If your boys argue too much, set them to work. Get them scrubbing floors, weeding the garden (weather permitting and you trust them to pull weeds and not the flowers), cleaning the toilet (always a good one), cleaning up their bedrooms, folding the washing, basically anything you don't want to do. :) How about a bit of vacuuming, dusting, washing the dishes even if you have a dishwasher. The threat of work usually has kids playing like best friends. :) Good luck and have fun.
    Anne xx

  10. The cards look wonderful...I think I can remember a similar game (many years ago!)
    Have a lovely time,
    Susan x

  11. Oh wow, these are so adorable. Well worth getting up early in the rain for. Lucky you!