Friday 8 April 2011

Making a mess...having fun.....

I know that there are lots of these on flickr and lovely blogs etc but I wanted to have a go at making one of these little birdhouses......they are so much fun to make and it's true to say I am addicted to p.v.a glue, paper and making a bit of a mess..... if you are too,

here's a quick 'how to'

I finished it off by making a small hole and putting a lolly stick through it for a bird to stand on, I did use my little £ shop chicks at first but then I remembered I had got these little birds (Caramelos on etsy)

No small children were involved in the making of this project......they were behind the shed, mixing buckets of mud and doing things with a microscope!!!

Things needed to make this are....any boxes,masking tape,p.v.a glue, papers,newspaper,fabric trims,stickers......anything you can get your hands on and a little chick/bird

Have a lovely 'sunny' weekend

x x x x x x x x